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the flow of air

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The increased ventilation offered by the new Obsidian 750D Airflow Edition opens up even more cooling options and performance, with three AF140L fans included to ensure great cooling right out of the box.
The Saia-Burgess HVAC airflow diverter platform operates with the lowest noise in a wide range of torque and speed.
1988) investigated the effect of turbulence intensity on draught sensation and found that highly turbulent airflow increases the sensation of coolness to the point of being uncomfortable.
NEW YORK, March 11, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Soma is pleased to announce the launch of their new Breathe Beautifully Bra Collection, with breakthrough airflow technology that breathes and supports.
Since Rasht is a relatively humid city and it rains almost all over the year, it is really difficult to prevent from rain into buildings and create airflow by wind power inside of the buildings.
Five factors work together to determine the airflow and efficiency of a ceiling fan: blade pitch, blade shape and size, RPM, height from ceiling, and motor size.
In order to receive the spacious model, which calculation results in the airflow were more real, the estimated length of the blade in 1000 mm is chosen.
Clockwise to decrease airflow, counterclockwise to increase
The test object is instrumented with a sensitive balance to measure the forces generated by airflow; or, the airflow may have smoke or other substances injected to make the flow lines around the object visible.
These new airflow sensors are designed to function in a wide range of applications.
In addition to flexible configurations, CyrusOne's proprietary racks and cabinets offer rack and cabinet airflow optimization that ensures the most efficient cooling within the CyrusOne data centre.
The 3G Airflow system-Double D's third generation of airflow design for its Revob and Continuous Protein Oven-can achieve an average 100/0 improvement in cook times, and up to 42% on certain types of bacon.
Multi-zone air and contaminant flow models idealize a building as a collection of well-mixed zones interconnected by airflow paths.
Washington, Nov 26 (ANI): Hypoglossal nerve stimulation system (HGNS) can provide significant relief from upper airway obstruction during sleep to patients suffering from obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) by increasing the airflow, a new study has revealed.
The injection moulding plant opened a few months ago at Verwood in Dorset by Airflow Ventilators is expanding.