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delivery of supplies or equipment or personnel by dropping them by parachute from an aircraft

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Harf also added that the US-led airdropping is of the interests for both the US and Turkey.
He said airdropping of leaflets was mere advertising, adding it was allowed under the election rules.
Taking the cue from the National Security Guard ( NSG) operations during the 26/ 11 Mumbai terror attack, the SAF battalion stationed at Sindri in Jharkhand was asked to train its commandoes in airdropping from helicopters.
By airdropping supplies to ground forces, the unit also keeps vehicle convoys off the road, said Col.
The bar was raised again in September, as riggers shattered the August record by rigging and airdropping over 2.
The Indian army is carrying out a rescue and relief operation for the affected people that involves airdropping food packets.
The airdropping targeted the house of a wanted man believed to be a financer of special groups in al-Thawra neighborhood, central Nassiriya.
As the acronym "LCLA" indicates, the goal of the project was focused specifically on developing very low-cost parachutes for airdropping supplies at altitudes from 500 feet down to 150 feet above ground level (AGL).
With the Pentagon asking Congress For additional funding for the Research and development of counter-IED Technology, airdropping supplies and keeping vehicles off the road seems to be one certain way to minimize the threat from roadside bombs, he said.
In 1997, based upon a company loadmaster's idea, Boeing made a proposal to use the logistics rails for airdropping heavy equipment platforms.