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delivery of supplies or equipment or personnel by dropping them by parachute from an aircraft

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CAT software is used to calculate and plot both conventional and precision airdrop solutions to accurately deliver supplies to warfighters in remote, austere environments.
He said the issues that forced the agency to temporarily suspend these operations were resolved and WFP had airdrops of much needed food in a couple of locations.
Airdrops are always a last resort, as land access is easier and the most cost-effective way of delivering food, the agency said.
International organisations likely have cover for airdrops under UN Security Council Resolution 2165, which says "UN humanitarian agencies and their implementing partners are authorised to use routes across conflict lines" for aid delivery, with notification to the Syrian authorities.
They also donated relief items that would be distributed via airdrop to typhoon victims which were difficult to access.
officials speaking on a conference call with reporters late Sunday declined to characterize Turkey's reaction to the airdrops.
These airdrops were conducted in support of Operation 'Inherent Resolve' which aims to "degrade and defeat the terrorist group ISIL and the threat they pose to the region and the wider international community," CENTCOM noted in the release.
US Central Command announced the weapons delivery on Sunday, saying it carried out "multiple" successful airdrops of supplies, including small arms, provided by Kurdish authorities in Iraq.
It could be 20 to 30 minutes before they actually go back around and do the real airdrop of the cargo after they've dropped the sensors," he said.
e airdrop comes after Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond announced "a continuing drumbeat of airdrop operations" to help those trapped by the extremist group, which has announced the creation of a hardline caliphate in areas it has over-run.
This airdrop was conducted from multiple airbases within the U.
But the difference between AirDrop and Android's NFC technology is that AirDrop can be used at a greater distance than its competitors.
OK, the caption for the top photograph on page 82 of the March issue was written by an ignoramus who knows nothing about airdrop procedures if this person believes "[A] crew pushes the forklift platform out of a C-130 aircraft.
Historically, we used airdrop resupply when conventional forces were cut off in an emergency.
The elegant Airdrop irrigation system developed by Edward Linacre is a low-cost, self-powered solution to growing crops in arid regions and may at last crack the problem of drought-affected agricultural land, the Herald Sun reported.