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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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The first mission even ended with an O/100 inadvertently landing at an enemy airdrome, delivering a brand new bomber right to a German doorstep.
Currently they are on the way towards railway stations and airdromes," the ministry added.
Just as Mitchell argued for a system of airdromes, regulation of aircraft, and properly administered public safety regulations, so can the Air Force offer our nation's decision makers and component commanders AED capabilities to help a partner nation build its aviation infrastructure and increase its capacity for transportation, communication, and commerce in previously unattainable ways and in unreachable areas.
Normally, the first actual base construction will be airdromes for the Air Corps and most of the heavy construction equipment will be needed for this purpose.
Scores of sleepy East Anglian pastures became bustling airdromes for Flying Fortresses and twin-tailed B-24 Liberator heavy bombers.
Gaining and maintaining air superiority was the top priority and was achieved by the bombardment of enemy airdromes on Pantelleria and Sicily.
In a February 1943 interview, General Vandegrift stated, "We must conclude that the rest of this campaign in the South Pacific practically to its conclusion will be the seizure of islands, either to take away from the enemy, airdromes which they hold, or to seize other islands to make airdromes of our own.
About 750 million feet of lumber will be used for heavy construction items like docks, airdromes and warehouses and a similar amount will be required for the crating and shipping of war materials and supplies.
They started flying their intended mission, namely bombing the submarine pens in Belgium, and then rail centers and airdromes (airfields) used by Gotha bombers, the opposite numbers of the O/100 that were bombing London.
Hoffinan, travelled from Verdun to Dunkerque, stopping at all airdromes where Americans were fighting with the combat groups, and examined those who wished to transfer.
1, 618) underscored the magnitude of the task confronting Eaker this way: "The establishment of another great air force in a country smaller than the state of Alabama (virtually all of the Eighth would be stationed in England proper), and one that was already crowded with airdromes and teeming with air traffic, would require all of the administrative skill, experience, and patience with which both the RAF and the AAF were endowed.
Far East Command and the Joint Chiefs considered air options, including attacks on Soviet territory, the use of atomic or chemical weapons, and bombing of Chinese airdromes and communication centers.
From its base at San Severo, the group also strafed enemy airdromes and communication targets.
The plan for OPERATION COMPASS -- a major British thrust at Graziani -- became a war for airdromes.