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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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Currently they are on the way towards railway stations and airdromes," the ministry added.
Just as Mitchell argued for a system of airdromes, regulation of aircraft, and properly administered public safety regulations, so can the Air Force offer our nation's decision makers and component commanders AED capabilities to help a partner nation build its aviation infrastructure and increase its capacity for transportation, communication, and commerce in previously unattainable ways and in unreachable areas.
Normally, the first actual base construction will be airdromes for the Air Corps and most of the heavy construction equipment will be needed for this purpose.
Airdromes--The planning of airdromes is too complicated a subject to cover in this article.
Immediately following operations in Tunisia, the strategic air force began modest operations against enemy airdromes in Sicily, Sardinia, southern Italy, and the eastern Mediterranean, as well as submarine bases and communication and industrial targets, until D-7.
Strategic bombing began on May 15, and 1,267 tons of bombs were dropped by May 30, which almost neutralized the airdrome and prevented the movement of Axis shipping.
From its base at San Severo, the group also strafed enemy airdromes and communication targets.
Far East Command and the Joint Chiefs considered air options, including attacks on Soviet territory, the use of atomic or chemical weapons, and bombing of Chinese airdromes and communication centers.
What may be the quintessential example of contrails impeding bomber operations is found in a March 4, 1945 mission that was to attack German jet airdromes and a tank depot.
The plan for OPERATION COMPASS -- a major British thrust at Graziani -- became a war for airdromes.
The French have recognized what I feared might happen, namely, that our air program will develop more slowly than expected because of difficulties and delays in the establishment of airdromes, parks, depots, etc.
At 1020 Brereton sent orders to Vth Bombardment Command: Two B-17 squadrons would attack the airdromes on Formosa at dusk; two squadrons of pursuit aircraft would cover the operation as far as possible; and the two squadrons of B-17s at Del Monte would deploy to the primitive landing strip at San Marcelino ready for a strike against Formosa early the next morning.