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an airfield equipped with control tower and hangars as well as accommodations for passengers and cargo

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On 26 June 2008 between 13.10 and 23.50, aircraft in Zokniai Airdrome climbed and landed six times: [L.sub.max] was exceeded by 18-20 dBA twice; [L.sub.ekv] was not exceeded.
78e, TM 5-230.) Tentative locations for airdromes, roads, wharves, telephone lines, bivouac and storage areas, hospitals, et cetera, can be spotted on this map.
It's the size of the airport, size of airdrome taxi-out and taxi-in that saves us and saves the customer time, and makes the overall journey much shorter.
It went on: "Upon examination of the aircraft's logbook, it was found that the plane had left Upwood airdrome, Huntingdonshire, at 8.16am on a flight to Lundy Island and apparently was returning when the accident occurred.
The Hobson Plan established a wing structure that contained a combat group, a maintenance and supply group, an airdrome group, and a medical group.
Used during World War II as a support airdrome for U.S.
A380 (ICAO category F aircraft) operations imply the compliance of airport airdrome facilities with certain standards.
Howe, Canada's American-born minister of transport, became responsible for the gigantic task of building airdrome facilities.
Precision Castparts Corp., Portland, Ore., has agreed to acquire Airdrome Holdings LLC, which produces aerospace parts out of its machining facilities Airdrome Precision Components, Long Beach, Calif., and AF Aerospace Ltd., Rugby, U.K.
His bomber took-off from Linton-on-Ouse airdrome at 11pm and they were due to return at 03.32am.
Positioned in an elevated chair behind the air traffic controllers, the vantage point gave a commanding view of the airdrome. The seat faced west where the sun would soon slide behind desolate, mountain terrain.
MAY - Airdrome buys Rugby based AF Aerospace, pledging to expand what is already Europe's biggest supplier of pneumatic and hydraulic tube fittings.
87th Airdrome Sqdn, 7th & 20th AAF, Pacific: Ray Rogers (419) 734-4702
Nayarit will ultimately offer 14,500 hotel rooms, three golf courses, beach clubs, a marine theme park of regional scale, a marina with 150 slips, an airdrome and shopping and recreation centers.
Midlands components manufacturer A F Aerospace has been acquired by US company Airdrome Holdings, which will launch its new integrated operation at the beginning of next month.