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the crew of an aircraft

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The contract will deliver training for Chinook and Puma aircrews until the Puma planned out-of-service date.
Some 537 RAF aircrew lost their lives and many others were injured.
Deciding to start his own business has now taken him to Abu Dhabi, where he is training eight aircrews for the United Arab Emirates country's Police Air Support unit, which patrols the whole of the UAE.
Aircrew Systems (PMA 202) and Training Systems (PMA 205) are their largest customers, stretching across the three NAWC locations.
The improved JPADS dramatically decreases this risk for the aircrews and aircraft.
Aircrews at the 351st Air Refueling Squadron have the same training, but rely on Sergeant Pratt for the updates.
At the base air traffic control tower, Reilly listened to controllers talk to aircrews.
The new Super Hornet offers the former Tomcat aircrew a 30-year leap forward in technology and innovation.
Most significant of the challenges were sourcing the aircraft, funding and sustaining the mission, building the FMS case for a customer with no C-130 infrastructure or experience, training of both aircrews and maintainers, English language training, in-country support of the mission, and oversight until such time as the Iraqis were able to completely run the operation.
If aircrews or ALSE inspectors report loose or torn snaps on the aircrew integrated recovery survival armor vest and equipment (AIRSAVE), it may be that the snaps are not seated with enough pressure.
After 9/11, America's all-volunteer aircrews and special forces triggered the Taliban's collapse in just 30 days.
Two Naval Reserve aircrews and a guided-missile frigate joined forces to bust an alleged drug operation in the Pacific Ocean.
Based on the ratio of combat losses to sorties, NATO aircrews participating in Operation Allied Force were six times less likely to be shot down than were Coalition aircrews engaged in Operation Desert Storm, according to the analysis.
The ACMI pods track aircraft during training missions and record aircrews' weapons actions for after-action playback on ICADS, which allows aircrews to view training events from various perspectives during debriefing.
It is vital our aircrews train against current and evolving surface-to-air threats," said Bob Saxer, vice president of Integrated Air and Missile Defense Emerging Programs at Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control.