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But Leading Wren Aircrewman Bernadette Pope, who served with Wren Turner on the warship, told the hearing at HMS Drake, Plymouth, that she found Cooper helpful and supportive, and did not hear him say anything she considered offensive.
With our aircrewman at the door, we were down a crewmember to provide backup on altitude integrity.
Presenting the award to MAcr Taylor last night, Shipwrecked Mariners' Society chief executive Commodore Malcolm Williams CBE RN said: "Master Aircrewman Richard Taylor showed real courage and professional determination during this night-time rescue in treacherous conditions.
Leading Seaman aircrewman Noel Ervin Shipp died during a helicopter assault in Vietnam.
A number of factors can affect the completion of the event: weather, flight-deck-crew proficiency, OOD capabilities, aircrewman experience and ship flight-deck facilities.
Just hours before the tense rescue, Petty Officer Mike Henson was taking his final assessment to become a qualified search and rescue aircrewman.
With Hornets working the pattern just 150 feet away on the main runway, two functional-check pilots and an aircrewman completed the preflight on the parallel taxiway.
They ran straight under the rotor arc to the cabin where they saw my aircrewman, AW1 Nathaniel Watts, with boxes of supplies ready and willing to give them out.
A Lynx helicopter from the Royal Netherlands Navy, hoists an aircrewman and a U.
As I completed the Post Takeoff and Combat checklists, our aircrewman used the forward-looking infrared (FLIR) to identify the contacts in front of the carrier.
On 4 October 2005 an aircrewman fell out of an HM-15 MH-53E Sea Dragon and was killed during operations in the Arabian Gulf region.
Chief Aircrewman Malcolm Keen, a winchman with 771 squadron based at Culdrose in West Cornwall, said: "It is the biggest operation we have done for a long while, since the 1979 Fastnet Race.
Jaccobs is an aircrewman for HM-14, based in Norfolk.
He told me and the aircrewman to get a sufficient amount of rest, crunch the performance calculations, brief with the antisubmarine/surface tactical-air controller (ASTAC), and meet him in the helicopter with an ORM worksheet in hand.