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Caption: Right, Naval Aircrewman Petty Officer Third Class (AWS3) Hunter Hill, a Fleet Replacement Squadron (FRS) instructor with HSC-26, andAWS2 Thomas Denys, with HS&2, evaluate the features of the gunner seat prototype during a simulated ingress procedure.
The controller replied, "roger, continue." At a half mile our aircrewman started to get a silhouette of the ship on FLIR, but I still could not see the ship visually.
Master Aircrewman Richard Taylor was winched down to the stricken shi[p Swanland off Gwynedd
A couple of months into the new year, during a routine preflight inspection, an aircrewman found what looked like a mesh screen near the flight engineer's station on the flight deck.
The RAF Search and Rescue Sea King helicopter crew were Flight Lieutenant Bunn (captain), Flight Lieutenant Wales (co-pilot), Sergeant "Livvy" Livingstone (radar/winch operator) and Master Aircrewman Rich Taylor (winchman/paramedic).
A SOUTH WALES Royal Navy aircrewman and paramedic at the UK's busiest helicopter search and rescue unit is making sure he's ready to leap into action at a moment's notice.
I could not be prouder of our Sailors, especially those who have earned the qualification of Naval Aircrewman (NAC) and Enlisted Aviation Warfare Specialist (EAWS).
Work was carried out by Karen Newby and Lindsay Abbott after master aircrewman Simon Allen started a fundraising campaign that collected pounds 5,000.
It has been obvious to me ever since I used my first red-dot-style sight on a shotgun during aircrewman training (in 1944) that this kind of sight can't be beat for short-range shooting.
When production resumed after the War, Colt (and S&W) went to work on the Aircrewman project, ultra-light .38 Specials for Air Force pilots.
The Duke of Edinburgh was presenting the Billy Deacon Search and Rescue Memorial Trophy to RAF Master Aircrewman Nicholas Petch, right, for his "exceptional fearlessness' last March.
I failed to follow a simple rule a fellow aircrewman taught me a long time ago: Slow is fast, slow is safe; always be safe and fast.
AT the meeting of the Coventry branch Royal Navy Association, the Rev John Chapman gave a prayer and spoke of the sacrifice of aircrewman Richard Darnell, who was killed in the Lynx helicopter accident off Cornwall.