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a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force

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Best Performance Trophy for foreign trainee was awarded to Leading Aircraftman Amarakoon from Sri Lanka; Whereas, Base Commander Trophy for the Best in General Service Training was awarded to Aircraftman Base Sergeant M Usman Ashfaq.
Senior Aircraftman |James Robinson of the Red Arrows
Senior Aircraftman Cpl Andy Batkin, left, is serving with 903 Expeditionary Air Wing based in Camp Bastion and said he wanted to wish loved ones in Middlesbrough a very happy Christmas
The widow of Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson, who became the oldest British serviceman to die in Afghanistan when killed in April aged 51, attended a service at Westminster Abbey with her five teenage daughters.
TOP FORM Senior aircraftman Adam Fletcher got above the Red Arrows at a display in Greece
Drummer Thomas Wright, 21; Capt Sean Dolan, 40; Sgt Dave Wilkinson, 33; Guardsman Daryl Hickey , 27; L Cpl Alex Hawkins, 22; Guardsman David Atherton, 25; Sgt Barry Keen, 34; L Cpl Michael Jones, 26; Pte Tony Rawson, 27; Capt David Hicks, 26; Pte Aaron James McClure, 19; Pte Robert Graham Foster, 19; Pte John Thrumble, 21; Snr Aircraftman Christopher Bridge , 20; Pte Damian Wright, 23; Pte Ben Ford, 18; Pte Johan Botha, 25; Sgt Craig Brelsford, 25; L Cpl Ivano Violino, 29; Colour Sgt Phillip Newman, 36; Pte Brian Tunnicliffe , 33; Major Alexis Roberts, 32; L Cpl Jake Alderton, 22; Capt John McDermid, 43; Trooper Jack Sadler , 21; Sgt Lee Johnson, 33; Cpl Darryl Gardiner, 25; Cpl Damian Stephen Lawrence , 25; Cpl Damian Mulvihill, 32; Marine David Marsh, 23.
Though it is still not known what exactly caused 22-year-old Senior Aircraftman James Smart's 38-ton lorry to leave the road, the resultant inquiry has led, among other measures, to the fitting of tachographs into military vehicles, better planning and training for long distance convoys and the acquisition of newer, more comfortable trucks.
John Taylor, 75, of Carnegie Close, South Shields, South Tyneside, a leading aircraftman with the RAF in Maralinga, Australia, when he witnessed a nuclear test in 1957, received a letter yesterday from Rosenblatt Solicitors, London, informing him of the fresh legal challenge.
Senior Aircraftman Bean from Hemlington competes in the BMCRC Thunderbike Championship on a Suzuki GXSR.
But Aircraftman Secker's grave is a war grave and is part of our commitment and we do have a duty of care.
Senior Aircraftman James Smart, whose family home was in Hawarden, was moving equipment for Libyan Operation Ellamy.
He graduated to leading aircraftman a few weeks ago and is currently on the training range ahead of moving on to 1 Squadron RAF Regiment at RAF Honington in Suffolk.
Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson, a reservist with the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment, was taking part in a security patrol around Kandahar Airfield, the main Nato base in southern Afghanistan, when the device went off on Sunday.
Senior Aircraftman Graham Livingstone of the Royal Air Force Regiment and Senior Aircraftman Gary Thompson of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force Regiment died when the vehicle they were travelling in hit the device close to Kandahar Airfield.
Her family believe her incurable lung condition can be traced to 1962, the year Jim, an aircraftman in the RAF, spent in Maralinga in the South Australian desert when his uniforms became caked in nuclear fallout.
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