aircraft carrier

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a large warship that carries planes and has a long flat deck for takeoffs and landings

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The possible launch next year of the ex-Soviet aircraft carrier 'Varyag' for training, and testing technology, will be one step towards building an operating aircraft carrier group, analysts said.
The author's narrative begins just after World War II ends, when US leadership begins to debate the future of the aircraft carrier in light of atomic (and, later, nuclear) weapons, the jet age, and, eventually, space technology.
The aircraft carrier was officially launched by the Queen Mother in June 1981 and entered service in 1985.
The aircraft carrier programme has been surrounded by speculation that it would fall victim of government spending cuts.
Several general rules of thumb are useful when thinking about aircraft carrier size and capabilities:
Frank Simei, Navy program manager for in-service aircraft carriers. "It's a testament to the dedication and professionalism of both the Navy and our industry partners."
"China s navy is currently rather weak, we need to develop an aircraft carrier."
A TEESSIDE company has clinched pounds 27m of work on the Royal Navy's biggest ever aircraft carriers.
Given the age of the vessel, which was commissioned into Royal Navy service in 1959, the service is reinvigorating its aircraft carrier fleet.
The heart' of this cooperation will be constituted by one or several aircraft carriers and carrier air groups.
The report claimed one of Britain's two aircraft carriers would have to be directed by Brussels and would fly the EU flag instead of the White Ensign.
During the ceremony McMahon read his orders, marking the beginning of his assignment as PEO Aircraft Carriers. McMahon's most recent assignment was supervisor of U.S.
The Intrepid, a World War II aircraft carrier and museum located on New York City's west side docks, has hired Parsippany, New Jersey based bird control company Bell Environmental Services to install its patented and revolutionary "BellStrip[TM]" to stop another type of bombing from the sky.
The crane was lifting a 'cherry picker' vehicle off the aircraft carrier at Portsmouth Naval Base, Hants, when it fell on to the warship just after 10am.
In any case, the White House image doctors got the "money shot" they were after--an image of the president, clad in a green flight suit bearing the legend "Commander-in-Chief," climbing out of a warplane that had just made a dangerous tailhook landing aboard a moving aircraft carrier. While Navy pilot Commander John Lussier executed the landing, President Bush shouted to reporters as he emerged from the aircraft, "Yes, I flew it." That is, he got to take the controls during the brief flight.
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