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an explosion in the atmosphere

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Suddenly there was a loud series of cracks, louder and much closer than the grenades: airburst mortar bombs.
According to Boslough, the prevailing theory is that the event was not caused by an impact, but by an airburst of an asteroid, the explosion of the object as it compressed in plummeting through the atmosphere.
Much like the explosion over the Tunguska region of Siberia in 1908, such airbursts might not have left any craters, but they could still have had devastating local or regional effects.
Protect yourself from airbursts, mortar rounds and small arms fire.
Remarkably, airbursts with the energy of the Hiroshima nuclear blast occur somewhere around the world once every few years to a decade yet go essentially unnoticed, except by the military satellites and rarely by fishermen on the sea or hunters in remote areas.
House roofs were stripped of tiles by airbursts should be seen in the context of cities reduced entirely to rubble or buildings burned to shells,' says Prof Pepper, of Liverpool School of Architecture.
The armor reported for FCS Block I will protect the vehicle from 14.5mm projectiles and fragments from 155mm artillery airbursts; later versions are claimed to also include armor protection against up to 30mm armor-piercing rounds.
"He sleeps with his head under this, not to keep out the rain, but to protect his head and chest from airbursts. Did I say sleep?
Thirty miles from the targets, they began seeing the airbursts of radar-controlled antiaircraft artillery (AAA).
O'Gara's kit provides direct protection from the 7.62 mm rounds fired by AK-47 assault rifles and indirect protection from 155 mm airbursts, according to John H.
At the same time a series of nuclear airbursts would create widespread electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects, disabling most of the radar-based air-defense systems.
The GP round is time fuzed to create airbursts. Mention of the Ahead above was made: in this context CTAI is again in contact with Oerlikon as this fuze could be offered as one of several fuzing options for the CTA, particularly in view of the overall growing interest in air-bursting munitions.
Moreover, utilized as airbursts, they should produce no significant local fallout.(24)
Villages or cities can be struck by showers of meteorites from high-altitude airbursts about once per century.