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an explosion in the atmosphere

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In the late afternoon and early evening of 5 November the SMM camera in Shyrokyne recorded an exchange which began with five explosions assessed as impacts of artillery rounds and ten airbursts assessed as artillery rounds, all 2km north-east of the cameras location.
Suddenly there was a loud series of cracks, louder and much closer than the grenades: airburst mortar bombs.
According to Boslough, the prevailing theory is that the event was not caused by an impact, but by an airburst of an asteroid, the explosion of the object as it compressed in plummeting through the atmosphere.
They would need to come from a comet that released them in an airburst or forged them on impact from its own carbon-rich ices.
The shock wave produced by the airburst could have slammed into the ground at 180 kilometers per hour, a gust with the wind speed of a category-3 hurricane, the team reports in an upcoming issue of the International Journal of Impact Engineering.
House roofs were stripped of tiles by airbursts should be seen in the context of cities reduced entirely to rubble or buildings burned to shells,' says Prof Pepper, of Liverpool School of Architecture.
He sleeps with his head under this, not to keep out the rain, but to protect his head and chest from airbursts.
Thirty miles from the targets, they began seeing the airbursts of radar-controlled antiaircraft artillery (AAA).
62 mm rounds fired by AK-47 assault rifles and indirect protection from 155 mm airbursts, according to John H.
At the same time a series of nuclear airbursts would create widespread electromagnetic pulse (EMP) effects, disabling most of the radar-based air-defense systems.
Villages or cities can be struck by showers of meteorites from high-altitude airbursts about once per century.
It actually airbursts in front of the target, creating a very disorienting and intimidating effect," he said.
From the same position between 15:15 and 15:35hrs, the SMM heard a total of two airbursts and two bursts of small-arms fire.
10, The Infantry Rifle Company, states, "[i]f required, the company commander can even call for artillery fires right on his company position using proximity or time fuses for airbursts.
We tested at ranges our to 500 meters, and the OICW consistently delivered airbursts within a very tight pattern.