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an explosion in the atmosphere

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Anyway, whatever discussion we had on the subject ended with another airburst and Lidka jerking backwards with a little scream: hit in the face.
Shock waves from the Russia airburst smashed windows, rattled buildings and knocked people off their feet.
An impact by one of these beasts in a populated area would be catastrophic--the Chelyabinsk impactor was less than 20 meters (60 feet) wide and entered the atmosphere at a grazing angle, yet its airburst in February 2013 injured roughly 1,500 people (S&T: June 2013, p.
He experienced the vicious fighting of the Italian campaign until, whilst preparing to cross the Moro River and move into battle with the West Nova Scotias, he was wounded by an airburst shell planned to harass and deny the obvious route to Ortona.
The programmable airburst round determines the distance it travels based on the number of times it rotates after leaving the barrel of the weapon.
Among its few characteristics, the (AMP) round will have the ability to arm as it leaves the Abrams's gun-tube, have more than three modes of detonation, and be able to detonate in airburst mode with incredible precision.
According to Boslough, the prevailing theory is that the event was not caused by an impact, but by an airburst of an asteroid, the explosion of the object as it compressed in plummeting through the atmosphere.
Other poorly witnessed events of similar intensity may have occurred during the last century or so, most notably an energetic airburst over north-west Brazil in 1930.
This morning's event is reminiscent of the enormous airburst that occurred over the Tunguska River in Central Siberia in 1908, releasing 1,000 times more energy than was released by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
72) The Ghadar-1 design, "almost certainly includes a separating warhead," could provide the capacity "to carry airburst warheads, or warheads containing submunition packages.
These include airburst nonlethal munitions, pre-emplaced electric vehicle stoppers, and nonkinetic active-denial technology.
In 1966 an object exploded in an airburst over the frozen Canadian north with a destructive force of 25 kilotons but caused no damage on the ground.
record the Tunguska Event, most likely a meteor airburst, though who
The airburst was detected by two seismic recorders outside South Africa, and allowed a tentative location of the airburst over Botswana.
But the new magazine-fed XM-25 has thermal sights and a laser range-finder, and can fire airburst munitions.