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an explosion in the atmosphere

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"While we are not predicting another Tunguska airburst, an enhanced population of small NEOs (near-Earth objects) in the Beta Taurids would increase the probability of another such event on or near next year's Tunguska anniversary," they concluded.
The airburst "in an instant, devastated approximately 500 km2 [about 200 square miles] immediately north of the Dead Sea, not only wiping out 100% of the [cities] and towns, but also stripping agricultural soils from once-fertile fields and covering the eastern Middle Ghor with a super-heated brine of Dead Sea anhydride salts pushed over the landscape by the event's frontal shock waves," the researchers wrote in the abstract for a paper that was presented at the American Schools of Oriental Research annual meeting held last month in Denver.
Weapons such as the XM25 individual semiautomatic airburst system allow Soldiers to engage targets hiding behind walls and in buildings and are ideal for unconventional warfare.
Suddenly there was a loud series of cracks, louder and much closer than the grenades: airburst mortar bombs.
Popova, Peter Jenniskens, Vacheslav Emel'yanenko, Anna Kartashova, et al., "Chalyabinsk Airburst Damage Assessment, Meteorite Recovery, and Characterization," Science, 342, no.
Harker of Buckley's 310th Force Support Squadron at Fort Carson's Airburst Range in Pueblo, Colorado.
(3) There was virtually no fallout as the bomb was airburst. Althougha measurable amount of induced radioactivity was found, it was not sufficient to cause harm to persons living in the two cities after the bombings.
GOVERNMENT planners predicted Birmingham would be vapourised by two -ve megaton 'airburst' nuclear bombs in the event of war with Russia in the 1970s.
An impact by one of these beasts in a populated area would be catastrophic--the Chelyabinsk impactor was less than 20 meters (60 feet) wide and entered the atmosphere at a grazing angle, yet its airburst in February 2013 injured roughly 1,500 people (S&T: June 2013, p.
He experienced the vicious fighting of the Italian campaign until, whilst preparing to cross the Moro River and move into battle with the West Nova Scotias, he was wounded by an airburst shell planned to harass and deny the obvious route to Ortona.
For a 1Mt 'airburst' at a height of 2.4km, the effects of blast would be:
Other poorly witnessed events of similar intensity may have occurred during the last century or so, most notably an energetic airburst over north-west Brazil in 1930.
According to Boslough, the prevailing theory is that the event was not caused by an impact, but by an airburst of an asteroid, the explosion of the object as it compressed in plummeting through the atmosphere.
This morning's event is reminiscent of the enormous airburst that occurred over the Tunguska River in Central Siberia in 1908, releasing 1,000 times more energy than was released by the nuclear bomb dropped on Hiroshima.
This missile reportedly carries a smaller payload than the Shahab-3, includes a lighter airframe for greater distances, and has "an improved guidance system and uses a triconic aeroshell geometry that provides greater aerodynamic stability." (72) The Ghadar-1 design, "almost certainly includes a separating warhead," could provide the capacity "to carry airburst warheads, or warheads containing submunition packages." (73) It was reported in 2006 that some Western intelligence experts believed Iran had been able to modify the nose cone or reentry vehicle (RV) of the Shahab-3 with Russian and Chinese assistance.