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an explosion in the atmosphere

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Besides Denmark, five other NATO nations use Rheinmetall s programmable 35mm Ahead airburst ammunition which, when combined with the Millennium Revolver Gun 35/1000, results in massive yet flexible firepower that can be scaled to match a wide variety of operational scenarios.
Anyway, whatever discussion we had on the subject ended with another airburst and Lidka jerking backwards with a little scream: hit in the face.
Shock waves from the Russia airburst smashed windows, rattled buildings and knocked people off their feet.
These include airburst nonlethal munitions, pre-emplaced electric vehicle stoppers, and nonkinetic active-denial technology.
In 1966 an object exploded in an airburst over the frozen Canadian north with a destructive force of 25 kilotons but caused no damage on the ground.
Senior military figures from 12 nations including the US, UK, Germany, and Republic of Korea are preparing to gather in September (London) to discuss the latest developments around infantry-issued airburst weapon systems such as the US XM25 and the Korean K11, including information on the testing, deployment and planned future developments for ammunition and fire control systems.
The airburst was detected by two seismic recorders outside South Africa, and allowed a tentative location of the airburst over Botswana.
But after the huge airburst dissipated, an airburst accompanied and followed by certain atmospheric phenomena, the sun was seen moving along its usual orbit.
The largest airburst detected during the 1990s measured only a few tens of kilotons, the energy release expected from the explosion of an asteroid measuring about 7 or 8 meters across.
58 hours on June 8 while carrying out a routine foot patrol in Helmand province, that the men were subjected to small arms fire and grenade airburst rocket-propelled attack.
They use a range of weapons from single shot rockets to airburst bombs and Paveway laser-guided bombs.
They use a range of weapons ranging from single shot rockets to airburst bombs and Paveway laser guided bombs.
Eventually 96 were to be stored on the site, where a vast programme of works had taken place to build specially hardened shelters that could withstand the force of a direct hit by a 500lb bomb and a 10 megaton thermonuclear airburst explosion 1,600ft above them.
The first version of the TNLM will be an airburst munition providing longer-range engagement capabilities for the MK19 and the M203.
Mercy 01's aircrew then reported that two RPGs had airburst 100 feet to their rear.