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an atomizer to spray paint by means of compressed air

paint with an airbrush

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And, as more and more trendsetters were desperate to get airbrushed, Vicky started building up a portfolio as she worked on the region's famous.
Obiora pointed out that there shouldn't be an issue if the photos were airbrushed. He said that everybody uses filters for the photos they post on Instagram, so why can't the royal family do the same?
For decades, despite the lack of solid research on whether airbrushed models in ad campaigns do sell more products, the advertising industry has been advocating superficial beauty.
The airbrushed tattoos look so real that they are impressing those with genuine ink designs.
The Camera Stick Foundation is a creamy and easy-to-blend, full coverage foundation that melts on the skin for extraordinary airbrushed results.
Uneven tone airbrushed away, plus bags of extra radiance.
Using the Heavenly Luxe[TM] Double Airbrush Foundation Brush gently swirl circles into the Celebration Foundation[TM] Illumination then dust onto skin in circular motions to distribute a naturally flawless, airbrushed finish that looks and feels like pure silk.
"Airbrushing gives us a fairly uniform coating of the substrate and it can be applied to a large area at room temperature in a short period of time." After applying the nickel nanoparticles, the researchers airbrushed the substrate with a layer of silicon powder and heated the coated substrate to 600 degrees Celsius in a reactor filled with acetylene and ammonia gas.
But the picture promoting her perfume Royal Desire was taken two years ago when she was thinner - and critics claim it has been airbrushed.
AISHWARYA Rai Bachchan is the last person one would expect to be airbrushed for a magazine cover.
BRA tycoon Michelle Mone has admitted her stunning lingerie shots were airbrushed - but only to cover up a bruise on her knee.
THIS column can make a solemn promise - the picture at the top of it has not been airbrushed.
The Home Office review Sexualisation of young people has recommended that airbrushed images used within the media should be indicated with a symbol, and that age restrictions should be introduced on 'lads' magazines'.
The argument that unrealistic airbrushed images lead young women and girls to believe they cannot live up to an unreal ideal raged between psychologists and magazine editors.
Just like David Cameron airbrushed his election posters so too is the Plaid leader trying to airbrush history.