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Synonyms for airbrake

a small parachute or articulated flap to reduce the speed of an aircraft


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a vehicular brake that operates by compressed air

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The acceleration puts the 675LT in amongst cars costing three or four times as much, while the weight loss, the uprated airbrake system and various chassis changes allow this car to corner harder and faster than before.
Initially, Alers told the other truck driver that he had pulled over because he was tired, but later he stopped on the shoulder after an alarm went off signaling problems with his truck's airbrakes. It was established that an alarm had gone off in the tanker to warn of an airbrake problem about one mile before the area of the shoulder where Alers eventually pulled over.
The active AaeLongtail' Airbrake is 50 percent bigger than the one fitted to the 650S yet, due its carbon fibre structure, is actually lighter.
The active 'Longtail' Airbrake is 50 percent bigger than the one fitted to the 650S yet, due its carbon fiber structure, is actually lighter.
Not only does the sophisticated chassis system give the car tremendous grip but it has a new nose and a McLaren Airbrake at the back to push it down on the road.
• The patented airbrake flywheel has a positive catch and zero time lag at stroke initiation for smooth action and maximum training benefit through the swimmer's full stroke.
Inside Andy's 'office', the left-hand screen shows hydraulic pressures and temperatures in the braking and airbrake systems, while the one to his right provides information about the three engines, including temperatures, pressures and fuel levels.
Hatchlings' "egg-tooth and baby feathers" co-mingle with the "airbrake squawk of garbage truck."
The McLaren Airbrake now deploys when there it senses that extra rear downforce is required, rather than simply deploying while breaking or manually controlled in the Aero mode.
Airbrake parameters showed the spoilers, aerodynamic resistance plates on the wings, were deployed and held in that position until the end of the recordings, which proved the throttle was manually controlled.
Formula 1 technology includes the one-piece carbon fibre MonoCell chassis - for greater strength and lower weight - plus Brake Steer and an 'active' aerodynamics McLaren Airbrake (although these last two technologies have now been banned from Formula 1 as they offered performance advantages).
The unit of Clayton Dewandre Holdings is a market leader in airbrake systems for medium and heavy commercial vehicles.
This striking 12C is finished in satin Volcano Orange with contrasting carbon fibre highlights, including the tailor-made carbon fibre bonnet, airbrake and rear deck, as well as gloss black GT3-style rear bumper graphics and nickel-plated interior switches and steering wheel spokes.