airborne patrol

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a patrol provided by aircraft

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He says he saw several members of an airborne patrol return from battle wearing cut-off fingers around their necks.
Piaggio Aero MPA (Multirole Patrol Aircraft) is a new, multi-functional aircraft and can be used for airborne patrols over land and sea.
Airborne patrols have become more common recently following a spate of roadside bombs targeting infantrymen.
Maintaining no-fly zones over Iraq since 1991 has been demanding, and the costs of constant airborne patrols now outweigh the benefits, O'Hanlon says.
They also said late night airborne patrols were robbing them of their sleep.
A NEW and more powerful aircraft is to join Cheshire police today to continue the force's eye-in-the-sky battle against crime and airborne patrols over the county.
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