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Synonyms for concentration

Synonyms for concentration

a converging at a common center

concentration of the mental powers on something

Synonyms for concentration

the spatial property of being crowded together

strengthening the concentration (as of a solute in a mixture) by removing diluting material

bringing together military forces

great and constant diligence and attention

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3]) Airborne particle number based Calculated on airborne concentration of silver (number/[m.
Caption: FIGURE 3 Distribution of the Airborne Concentrations of Fibrous Materials Detected With Phase Contrast Microscopy
Provide information to the public on airborne concentrations of pollutants at various sites as required in the EU Ambient Air Quality directive.
Sherwin-Williams has introduced an enhanced Harmony Paint, with an innovation that helps promote better indoor air quality by reducing airborne concentrations of formaldehyde and other aldehydes.
In the office building studied, airborne concentrations of nanoscale specks were higher than they were near a busy expressway.
Under the same conditions, samples of lumber treated with PCP in P9-type A oil gave airborne concentrations of 170 [micro]g/[m.
While national standards or "safe levels" for airborne concentrations of mold have not been established, if you see or smell mold, says the U.
Airborne concentrations in this space were measured to be up to 30,000 ppm.
Moreover, we have documented high airborne concentrations of mycobacteria in the workplace.
Studies in animals have demonstrated dose-related malformations, growth retardation, and embryonic death in the offspring of pregnant animals exposed to airborne concentrations of EGME or EGEE at or below their respective Occupational Safety and Health Administration permissible exposure limits (PELs).
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