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moved or conveyed by or through air

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His past experience makes him a pioneer of airborne in-cabin radio systems, which paved the way for wireless inflight entertainment, wi-fi systems and the use of cellular technology in flight.
The number of professional servicemen in airborne units across Russia differs significantly.
But in February 2006, ABC News revealed on "Good Morning America" that Airborne's much-touted lone clinical trial was actually conducted without any doctors or scientists, just a "two-man operation started up just to do the Airborne study.
If Airborne has any impact on colds, its high dose of vitamin C--1,000 milligrams per tablet--might be the reason.
In September 2004, Heibel presented the concept to representatives from the 173rd Airborne and Southern European Task Force.
Boeing is the team leader and system integrator for the Airborne Laser under contract to the U.
After their exhaustive search of Southern New Jersey markets, Airborne determined that Runnemede Corporate Center once again offered the prestigious address, direct access to Philadelphia International Airport, and technological sophistication necessary to create their new freight/distribution facility," said Mr.
Growing UAV use is impacting upon airborne intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance
During combat, airborne laser aircraft would patrol in pairs at more than 40,000 feet and inside friendly territory, scanning the horizon for missiles.
Her past assignments include tours of duty with the 82nd Airborne Division, Fort Bragg, N.
In January, Airborne moved into a newly-constructed 30,000-square-foot facilty in Hicksville that is its distribution center for central Nassau.
Your immune system's got a big job to do and supporting it is now even more convenient thanks to Airborne Chewable tablets," said Airborne spokesman, the Airborne Guy.
Called the world's first laser-armed combat aircraft and described as part of an approaching revolution in weaponry, the airborne laser's testing will lead up to a simulated shoot-down of a Scud missile in December 2004.
Airborne Express, the international overnight delivery company, has leased new regional distribution operation sites in Queens, New York, and Louisville, Kentucky.
BOSTON -- Representing a growing market for communications electronics, unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will be the fastest growing category of airborne platforms.