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a medical instrument used to inject or withdraw fluids

spray or irrigate (a body part) with a syringe

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Administration of any disinfecting mechanism for the maintenance of water lines for air-water syringes and ultrasonic scalers is technique sensitive.
Mayo JA, Villarubia C, Culotta J: Hemolytic bacteria in water from the dental air-water syringe.
1] ND (a) Abbreviations used in this table: Cfu/mL: Colony-forming units per mL of water AWS: Air-water syringe NWRI: NWRI agar TSB: Tryptic soy agar with 5% sheep's blood ND: None detected (b) Total cfu/mL in AWS water plated on NWRI (c) Total cfu/mL in AWS water plated on TSB (d) Hemolytic cfu/mL in AWS water plated on TSB
2,4,7,8,10) A recent review of the literature found that only approximately 7% of water samples from more than 350 dental air-water syringes, high-speed handpieces, and ultrasonic scalers met the ADA standard.
Bacterial biofilm: a source of contamination in dental air-water syringes.