air-to-air missile

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a missile designed to be launched from one airplane at another

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Today, for the first time Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber aircraft went on a mission carrying not only aerial bombs OFAB-500 and guided aerial bombs KAB-500, but with short and medium range air-to-air missiles," Spokesman Col.
High resolution images of the Eurofighter Typhoon with Meteor and other Air-to-Air Missiles can be downloaded from our web site.
Improved air-to-air missiles are in the offing, and the miniature SAM exemplified by the U.
The IRIS-T is an air-to-air missile used by new generation fighters during aerial combat and will replace the American Sidewinder in the near future.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Russian Su-24 jet was downed with air-to-air missiles from the Turkish F-16 plane, Russian president Vladimir Putin said during the meeting with king of Jordan Abdullah II.
The AIM-9X Sidewinder Block II builds upon the proven reliability of Block I with significant advancements that improve handling, loading, in-flight safety and most importantly the ability to acquire, track and destroy an adversary," said Captain Jim Stoneman, PMA-259 Air-to-Air Missiles Program Office, which led development of the Block II missile.
Contract Awarded for Advanced short-range air-to-air missile (ASRAAM).
Iran has successfully test-fired its latest air-to-air missile "Fakour", said the country's Deputy Defence Minister Brigadier General Mehdi Farahi.
Primary function: Heat seeking air-to-air missile, Dimensions: Length 9 ft.
In-flight refueling will be included, and provisions for the MBDA Meteor air-to-air missile (which has already been test-fired from a Gripen) are planned.
The RAF received a fresh setback yesterday with the confirmation that its long-awaited new air-to-air missile system has been delayed due to technical problems.
AN ANGLO-French consortium has won a multi-million pound contract to supply its air-to-air missile to the Australian air force.
The F-35's internally-carried AMRAAMs are a beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile capable of all-weather day-and-night operations and considered a "fire-and-forget" missile using active target radar guidance.
On 5 December 2005 the German Air Force took delivery of the first series production Iris-T air-to-air missile for use with the Eurofighter aircraft.
Raytheon and DAU conducted the pilot offering of the workshop for the Surfaced-Launched Advanced Medium Range Air-to-Air Missile program (SLAMRAAM) from March 16-19, 2004, in Huntsville, Ala.
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