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Synonyms for air-tight

having no weak points


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not allowing air or gas to pass in or out

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PACKED into an air-tight locked lorry and left to suffocate, the agonising final moments of the 71 men, women and children found on a roadside in Hungary are too horrific to imagine.
Coffee beans are best served between the seventh and twenty-first day after being roasted and bagged in a valved air-tight bag.
Once cold and set, store in an air-tight container until ready to use.
Store ingredients in air-tight containers for no more than three days.
7-level building: 2 in basement + 5 floors out (the last as a technical floor) - 170 glazed aluminum doors,- 60 steel doors,- 120 wooden doors,- 50 blocks glass doors,- 12 air-tight doors,- 420 cylinders doors,- 360 m2 of glass partitions,- 180 m2 false metal ceilings.
According to CNN, Origone, who took up speed skiing in 2003 after giving up downhill skiing in 1999, was equipped with just an aerodynamic helmet to increase streamlining and a ski suit made from air-tight latex to reduce wind resistance, along with a back protector in case of a crash as he threw himself down the one kilometer track.
Each sustainable home features recycled hardwood floors, windows composed of triple-glazed Krypton-filled solar thermal treated glass installed inside double-sealed, air-tight insulated window frames.
Other benefits include flexible design--it combines horizontal and vertical transport in one system -sealed tube for aroma containment and air-tight conveying and energy efficiency.
It stays fresh for a few days in an air-tight tin too IngredIents?
Once they are cold the biscuits can be stored for a couple of days in an air-tight container.
It complements the Pack 301 series wrappers and can be combined with the new long dwell sealing system found on the Pack 301 LD for inverted applications that require air-tight sealing.
SEVEN near-dead kittens were found dumped in an air-tight bag outside the offices of a animal shelter.
known as TEPCO, said it plans to complete the covering, a tent-like structure made of steel frames and air-tight polyester sheets, by the end of October.
For the 2011 tax year, you may be eligible to get tax credits for, say, adding central air, a main aircirculating fan, air-tight doors and windows, and even solar electric systems.