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transport (cargo) by air

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I get no ideas in an air-ship," Kuno at once defends direct experience of the natural world: "I do not get them anywhere else." (117) His dictum "Man is the measure" (134) implies Forster's aversion to a society turned away from core human concerns to be strangled by the mechanical garment it has woven:
He wants to "see them not from the air-ship, but from the surface of the earth, as our ancestors did." (118) The static sterility of the Machine cell is thus contrasted with a complex, dynamic natural image.
"This time" he declared "I intend to build an air-ship which will be able to carry a dozen or more persons around the world if need be.
Frenkel said that while the vast majority of the retailer's freight moves by sea, it had to air-ship some merchandise this spring due to quota issues.
Three fish shops at Seattle's Pike Place Market will cold-pack and air-ship fresh salmon anywhere in the United States: Jack's Fish Spot (206/467-0514), Pure Food Fish (800/392-3474), and Pike Place Fish (800/542-7732).
Inflating the air-ship's envelope with the right amount of helium--about 7,080 cubic meters' worth--can overcome the downward pull of gravity.