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a chamber (often underground) reinforced against bombing and provided with food and living facilities

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According to the museum, families often bought small trees with simple decorations during the war so they could easily be moved into air-raid shelters if needed as a comfort for children.
Birthday parties and family celebrations were held in air-raid shelters.
"Kim came round and he dug out a bit more and we realised we had an air-raid shelter.
While all that was left of the Palmers' air-raid shelter was found on the roof of a house in Rhymney Street.
The bomb had landed about 15 yards away in the yard of a builder who just weeks before had built his own air-raid shelter.
Now tales from the largest air-raid shelter outside of London are to be brought to life in new series How We Won The War to be shown on BBC 2.
Forgive my impertinence in questioning the use of sirens in Bahrain but I became a teenager in the 1939-45 war and the first noise of an early warning air-raid siren got people scurrying to their nearest air-raid shelter, or down the cellar steps or even under the stairs.
It was peppered with shrapnel and at the same time as we flew into a brick air-raid shelter at the rear of the infirmary, the whistling bomb explosions were deafening.
Outside there is a yard with security gates to the side of the property and a former air-raid shelter which is used as a store.
Detectives investigating Edward Donnelly's disappearance last night admitted they had found "nothing of significance" after an extensive search of a derelict air-raid shelter and abandoned mines at Sacriston colliery, County Durham.
Tenement flats with famous names Fontenoy Gardens, Gerard Gardens, Portland Gardens Gardens without any flowers There was an ugly air-raid shelter I remember a legacy left from world war two.
I remember, too, the direct hit on an air-raid shelter in Chartist Road which killed an entire family.
A WARTIME air-raid shelter has been transformed into a chapel, thanks to a secret benefactor.
Judy,now 66, said she could recollect all the people in the communal air-raid shelter.
We were just making our way to the air-raid shelter under Gray's store in Bull Street.