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While other building assemblies rely on rigidity for strength, air-filled ETFE cushions deform readily under variable wind, rain, and snow loads without loss of structural strength or stability.
The shortage of air-filled tires has helped us," he says.
Before air-filled pits (and later foam-filled), jumpers had to build their landings into their technique, or risk broken bones, broken necks or broken backs from landing in sawdust.
The scaffold's dosed, air-filled spaces reduce overall weight without loss of rigidity, says Meyers.
PSA's process reportedly makes composite profiles that are stronger and lighter by being stretched as they pass through the die, leaving air-filled microvoids behind each wood fiber.
SuperFlex then eliminates fiats, blowouts, and other damage to which air-filled tires are susceptible.
Cork, with its 100 million prism-shaped air-filled cells per cubic inch, creates a low impact surface that is great for the back, feet, and joints.
has donated more than 4,000 air-filled mattresses to the American Red Cross of Central Texas.
Both models feature a durable, proprietary motor and pump configuration that is constructed as a single, compact unit set into an air-filled, watertight casing.
Not only does it meet the highest standards of hygiene but the air-filled sections help to insulate and save energy, which is ideal when used to line meat and frozen food cabinets.
Tyson washed the feathers and stripped the quill material away, leaving behind the air-filled down, which the company pressed into thin mats.
What I'm talking about are those huge, air-filled promotional figures whose arms wave above their heads like they're eternally tormented spirits.
Cork is made up of millions of tiny, air-filled cells that make it both springy and insulative.
His air-filled building was manufactured by a moonwalk and bounce-castle maker and is 47 feet long, 25 feet wide, and 47 feet tall.
He's summarily teamed with a neophyte photographer, Nora (Lake Bell), who can't tell the difference between gunfire and the pop of an air-filled paper bag.