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not giving off moisture on exposure to the air

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Then place a small dish filled with a cup of white vinegar in the top rack and run an empty cycle with hot water; open the door afterward to let it air-dry.
Air-dry before storage, especially when worn for more than two consecutive days.
use math skills to divide portion of air-dry clay into three equal parts, and divide one of those parts into four or five small balls.
The relationships between SSA and air-dry moisture content of the soils, and between SSA and cation exchange capacity (CEC), were also investigated.
All 40 toothbrushes were left to air-dry for 12 hours without their container lids.
One type is "self-hardening"--it can be molded, then left to air-dry (it takes about two days to harden).
We started with just-washed hair that was beginning to air-dry," says pro stylist Richard Marin of Remington Products.
At my second school, which does not have a kiln, I use air-dry clay to teach the same lesson.
Each air dries quickly and is ready to sand in just 30 minutes, and the fast air-dry properties will reduce centers' energy costs.
air-dry clay, colored construction paper, scissors, white school glue, colored markers
Some fine laundries air-dry linens by stretching them flat and pinning them with stainless-steel pins onto huge muslin-covered drying tables.
Greater tendency than "light-off" or air-dry coatings for tears or runs.
Crayola Air-Dry Clay from BINNEY & SMITH looks, feels and performs like true clay, but requires no baking or firing.