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made dry by contact with unheated air

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The films were air-dried at 60 C for 10 minutes or at 180 C.
We are really excited about the air-dried product, which is the Welsh Lamb equivalent of Parma ham.
I would love to produce a one-year air-dried ham that is as good as anything you will find in Parma.
Kiln-dried lumber will arrive I at the shop drier than air-dried boards; don't leave it outside, as the moisture content is likely to rise, if adequate space in the shop is not available, then a garage or shed should be used, making sure the boards are supported every 18 inches or so along their length to avoid the risk of bowing.
It plans to expand its air-dried bacon facility at Sherburn, opened two years ago, as it is already hitting capacity during peak demand.
Their air-dried range, including products rarely made in the UK such as salamis, chorizos, pancetta, air-dried ham and coppa, continue to win national acclaim.
Sourced from the rainforest in the San Mateo region of Southern Brazil, this air-dried organic yerba mate provides Guayaki customers with yet another delicious and invigorating yerba mate style to enjoy.
WELSH Farm Organics' latest product is Maldwyn Cure, an organic air-dried Welsh beef which has been compared to the classic Italian delicacy, Bresaola.
With regard to cracks, splits, honeycombing and final wood MC, the quality of solar dried timber is better than for air-dried stock.
Simpson and Wang (2003) show a series of graphs, for several geographical locations, with curves of estimated air-drying time compared with the day of the year the logs are stacked for 4-, 6-, and 8-inch- (102-, 152-, and 203-mm-) diameter logs air-dried from 120 to 20 percent MC.
Just a few months after start-up, the line produced 2766 air-dried tons per day, breaking the previous record of 2756 air-dried tons per day, set by an Andritz pulp drying line in Brazil.
The difference in P sorption between air-dried samples and the field-moist samples decreased for long reaction times.
Traditional Swiss fondue with bread and rosti potatoes, accompanied by salads, an assortment of meats and air-dried beef, began the menu.
EFKA-3600 is a polymeric fluorocarbon compound that offers excellent compatibility in systems such as stoving enamels, two-pack polyurethane and epoxy coatings and air-dried systems, according to the company.