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made dry by contact with unheated air

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He added: "It takes time, patience and personal knowledge to produce this air-dried ham.
The Tufts scientists successfully mixed a solution or a powder of purified silk fibroin protein extracted from silkworm cocoons with blood or plasma and air-dried the mixture.
9% in the air-dried bamboo by the heat treatment process.
The films were air-dried at 60 C for 10 minutes or at 180 C.
I would love to produce a one-year air-dried ham that is as good as anything you will find in Parma.
Kiln-dried lumber will arrive I at the shop drier than air-dried boards; don't leave it outside, as the moisture content is likely to rise, if adequate space in the shop is not available, then a garage or shed should be used, making sure the boards are supported every 18 inches or so along their length to avoid the risk of bowing.
With regard to cracks, splits, honeycombing and final wood MC, the quality of solar dried timber is better than for air-dried stock.
The product, taken from a cured, smoked and air-dried shoulder of lamb, has been two years in development at the Food Technology Centre, Llangefni.
Hywel Jones from Bwydlyn, has high hopes for his thinly sliced shoulder of Welsh Lamb cured, smoked and air-dried.
From practical tips for eliminating clutter to replacing harmful products with eco-friendly ones, a how-to guide for dowsing one's house, embracing the spirituality of honoring mother earth, tips for flower arranging whether with organic, air-dried, freeze-dried or silk flowers, and much more.
Trim width of the drying line will be 9990 mm and the production capacity 3340 air-dried metric tons/day of eucalyptus pulp.
Traditional Swiss fondue with bread and rosti potatoes, accompanied by salads, an assortment of meats and air-dried beef, began the menu.
Van Drunen Farms presents freeze-dried and air-dried vegetables for use in gourmet entrees and side dishes.
Bigras is selling air-dried white pine to one wholesale company in Kitchener and another in Woodstock and is negotiating a third contract with a wholesaler in Montreal.