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Synonyms for air cushion

the trapped air that supports a hovercraft a short distance above the water or ground

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a mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion

a cushion usually made of rubber or plastic that can be inflated

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Establishing Homax in 1981 in Nantou, central Taiwan, Huang has since concentrated on the development of air-cushioned shoes, which were first patented in Taiwan in 1983 and two years later awarded for excellent design by the Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), the government-backed trade promoter, which again gave an award each in 1987 and 1988 for steadily improving quality and design.
According to sources, South Korea has "spotted air-cushioned vessels and hangar-shaped buildings," at the North's Hwanghae Province, about 30 miles from the South Korean island of Baengnyeong.
But it's time to take the air-cushioned vehicle from the realm of scientific marvel into that of utilitarian workhorse, says William Kirby, chief executive officer of Gimbal Craft in Fairfield, Iowa.
Angelo Luzio's 467L has a one-half-inch foam heel, and the Bloch Boost DRT II sneaker boasts an air-cushioned heel--both of which are said to help combat shin splints and knee problems.
Armor-Lite premier all poly mailers offer a lightweight, water-resistant and air-cushioned way to transport delicate products.
It was the idea of Klaus Maertens, a German soldier who hurt his foot during the Second World War and thought the remedy to pain when he walked would be an air-cushioned sole.
The Squadron 2000 program calls for the acquisition of two Hamina-class fast attack craft (FACs) -- the first of which, FAC Hamina, was delivered in 1998, with a second expected to be ready next year -- and four T-2000-class air-cushioned vehicles (ACVs).
If your athletic life includes basketball, beware of air-cushioned basketball shoes.
"How," he asked, "do you get real-time info to MV-22s (tilt-rotor aircraft) and LCACs (air-cushioned landing craft) that are hitting the beach at high speed?" After all, he said, "they need it in route," not after they reach the beach.
Air-cushioned angular swiveling and positioning with increments of 0.0001 deg for angular settings.
It also will have a horizontal oscillating haul-off with air-cushioned rollers for tacky seal layers, a dual surface winder, and real-time computer monitoring and quality control.
Nike, the American manufacturer of sports and fitness equipment, has managed the difficult marketing feat of making its filmically flight-provoking and air-cushioned shoes desirable to all ages throughout the world.
The Knee Pad sets offer air-cushioned technology, and come in four styles of foam and six vinyl-dipped styles.
Don't give me 'feather duster' air-cushioned whips not causing pain or injury - it really looked bad before.
If the BHA had even a smidgen of guts it would tell Muir and his buddies to butt out of our sport and, instead, invite it to prosecute a jockey for the use of his air-cushioned whip and to see how it gets on in court.