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a craft capable of moving over water or land on a cushion of air created by jet engines

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Major import commodities from Hong Kong to the UAE in 2017 included road vehicles (including air-cushion vehicles); telecommunication equipment; sound recording and reproducing apparatus; electrical machinery, parts, appliances and apparatus along with miscellaneous manufactured articles and non-mineral manufactures.
The attack choppers have the ability to hit tanks, air-cushion vehicles and special operation units in North Korea, he added.
Witte said: "The OmniMove gives advanced automation options compared to standard wheel-based transport units, air-cushion vehicles and crane systems.
This text/reference provides students and practicing engineers with an understanding of the critical factors affecting the performance, handling, and ride characteristics essential to the development and design of nonguided ground vehicles, including road, off-road, and air-cushion vehicles. The presentation emphasizes the fundamental principles underlying rational development and design of vehicle systems.