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cooled by a flow of air

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The client should consider the compressor energy cost, make up water costs, sewer charges, chemical costs, cooling tower process pump, cooling tower pump and fan, air-cooled condenser fans and the required mechanical and civil works for both systems.
For a critical data center application with a 1,200 ton plant and N+1 configuration of chillers and pumps, the cost of water-cooled chillers is modeled as 10% lower than with air-cooled chillers.
The first analyzed air-cooled chillers modeled in accordance with 90.
Instead, the most efficient way to manage an air-cooled engine's heat is to implement something called a pressurized cowling.
The bike packs 150cc, single cylinder; air-cooled engine, which can churn out a power of 14.
Water-cooled models have cleanable shell-and-tube heat exchangers, while air-cooled versions have condensers with aluminum micro-channels that require less refrigerant while exposing it to a larger surface area for greater energy efficiency.
The traditional chilled water design based on air-cooled IT equipment finds a range from approximately 1.
They were able to install an extra 2,424 TR to their existing 5,252 TR air-cooled chiller package.
When comparing the two basic HVAC options, water-cooled systems are typically more energy efficient than air-cooled systems and support environmental efforts to reduce green-house-gas emissions.
Thermo Fisher Scientific announces the launch of a new series of Air-Cooled Peltier accessories for use with Thermo Scientific UV-Visible spectrophotometers.
Weldcraft will offer four torch packages for air-cooled applications ranging from 150-200 amps and two water-cooled torch packages including either a 250- or a 350-amp torch.
A single tank full of diesel will keep these direct injected air-cooled diesel gensets on the go from six to 15 hours depending on load factors.
Universal Laser Systems has upgraded its XL Series of laser processing systems with the addition of a new laser platform that can be configured to provide 400 watts of air-cooled laser power.
The last Tatra of the 1990s was a brute of a Czechoslovakian car that featured a rear-mounted air-cooled V8 engine.
Portable air-cooled and water-cooled chillers and temperature module controllers are available from the company.