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cooled by a flow of air

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Infrared images were taken of several air-cooled racks of servers and the liquid-cooled rack of servers.
Standard models of the Daikin McQuay air-cooled screw chiller, which use R-134a refrigerant, meet ASHRAE 90.
This approval means that the facility is approved for the purpose of conducting AHRI certification tests on air-cooled water-chilling packages using the vapor compression cycle in accordance with the current AHRI Standard 550/590 and Certification Operations Manual.
They maintain the manufacturing capacity to produce the complete air-cooled heat exchanger, including finned tubes, tube bundles and FRP axial flow fans, as well as associated structural and mechanical components.
Peyser (one of a cadre of former AEC employees at the new firm) says this air-cooled heat exchanger channels plant water through "radiator-type" coils where heat is removed by a draft of ambient air induced by large fans with highly efficient brushless, variable-speed DC motors.
We look forward to working closely with Smithco's management team to enhance both organizations' performance in the air-cooled heat exchanger market.
Supplies water- and air-cooled chillers, fiberglass cooling towers, heat exchangers, and mold-temperature controllers.
Thermal Care has just introduced remote-condenser air-cooled models that are said to be even more efficient (see box).
HydroGen targets its air-cooled PAFC systems toward applications where under-utilized hydrogen is available to quickly become cost-competitive with grid-supplied electricity.
The new models -- 10 water-cooled and eight air-cooled frame models -- feature new hardware-based compression technology and represent one component in IBM's large systems strategy outlined today.
Hudson is one of the world's leading heat transfer solutions firms providing air-cooled heat exchangers and axial-flow fans to some of the largest processors in the petroleum, natural gas, power generation, petrochemical and chemical industries.
Water-chilling, water-cooling, water-recovery, and water-filtration systems include portable, central, and heat-pump chillers in water- or air-cooled versions.
11 /PRNewswire/ -- IBM Corporation (NYSE: IBM) reinforced its commitment to meet a wide variety of System/390(see Note A) customer needs today by announcing two new air-cooled processors -- the IBM Enterprise System/9000(A) Model 180 and the ES/9000(A) Model 200.
CLEVELAND -- HydroGen Corporation (OTCBB:HYDG), a company that designs and manufactures multi-megawatt air-cooled phosphoric acid fuel cell (PAFC) systems, today announced that it had made considerable progress in the first half of year in a number of key areas such as manufacturing, personnel and financing.
A definite advantage is the supercomputer's small footprint and air-cooled design that allows the system to fit into our existing computer facilities without major changes," he stated.