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cooled by a flow of air

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The client should consider the compressor energy cost, make up water costs, sewer charges, chemical costs, cooling tower process pump, cooling tower pump and fan, air-cooled condenser fans and the required mechanical and civil works for both systems.
For a critical data center application with a 1,200 ton plant and N+1 configuration of chillers and pumps, the cost of water-cooled chillers is modeled as 10% lower than with air-cooled chillers.
The first analyzed air-cooled chillers modeled in accordance with 90.
Instead, the most efficient way to manage an air-cooled engine's heat is to implement something called a pressurized cowling.
I, too, had a project in Nevada at the same time and urged the owner to accept an air-cooled chiller, which they eventually did.
It was fair to note that since the B&SD operation was strictly a sales arrangement, Briggs & Stratton itself was still essentially an air-cooled engine manufacturer.
Market prospects of Air-cooled Condensers offering a potential for improved power plant water management in the US
Naguib's calculations predicted for a 100 ton design load for an office building in Houston that the water-cooled system had about a 29% savings for air-cooled over the water-cooled.
Comparisons of Air-Cooled DX Coil Models Between DOE-2.
Figure 3: Thirty eight air-cooled recip chillers in duplex configurationColin CavE[umlaut], GM for Northern Gulf says that eC[pounds sterling]RSS is committed to supporting district cooling operations not only in UAE but all over the Gulf, including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al Khobar in Saudi Arabia.
Still other processors choose air-cooled portable or central chillers, along with their tradeoffs of higher energy use, noise, and heat.
The Frame 9FB is said to deliver new levels of fuel efficiency and output for large, air-cooled combined-cycle systems.
The air-cooled models range in nominal ton capacity from .
Enercon Industries Ltd have just launched a high performance air-cooled cap sealing system, the Compak Convertible.
Not that a liquid-cooled engine is better than an air-cooled engine, for each has its own distinct applications and advantages.