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cooled by a flow of air

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With its liquid-cooling architecture and dynamic software that intelligently directs cooling, Comino Grando is a whopping 40% more energy efficient than comparable air-cooled machines.
This collaboration will focus on air-cooled stacks for low power applications, complementing the existing Nuvera fuel cell solutions.
The client should consider the compressor energy cost, make up water costs, sewer charges, chemical costs, cooling tower process pump, cooling tower pump and fan, air-cooled condenser fans and the required mechanical and civil works for both systems.
For a critical data center application with a 1,200 ton plant and N+1 configuration of chillers and pumps, the cost of water-cooled chillers is modeled as 10% lower than with air-cooled chillers.
The first analyzed air-cooled chillers modeled in accordance with 90.1 Table 6.8.1-3.
Instead, the most efficient way to manage an air-cooled engine's heat is to implement something called a pressurized cowling.
The Splendor iSmart, which comes equipped with stop-and-start i3S technology, packs 100-cc air-cooled, 4-Stroke Single Cylinder OHC engine.
Water-and air-cooled EP1 units ship with a full refrigerant charge to save time and money; units with a remote air-cooled condenser ship with a nitrogen charge.
For most climatic conditions, a large scale and well-designed data center using conventional air-cooled servers would include a chiller plant supported by a waterside economizer.
7 January 2013 - Swedish engineering group Alfa Laval AB (STO:ALFA) on Monday said it had taken over US air-cooled heat exchangers maker Air Cooled Exchangers LLC (ACE), in a move to boost its heat transfer offering to meet increasing demand for air-cooled heat exchangers.
These light sources consist of an air-cooled H2D2 deuterium lamp head unit attached to a power supply unit via cable.
* Lumen Dynamics has introduced its new Exceleratc FC-200 Sourcs of air-cooled UV LED print curing solutions.
ZOTAC International, a leading innovator and the world's largest channel manufacturer of graphics cards, mini-PCs and small form factor platforms, today unleashes the world's fastest air cooled GeForceA GTX 400 series graphics cards -- the lightning-fast ZOTAC GeForceA GTX 480 AMP!A Edition and GTX 470 AMP!A Edition graphics cards.ZOTAC takes air-cooled performance to the next level with superior engineering and tweaking to raise performance levels of the GeForceA GTX 400 series to unprecedented levels.
The all-new energy efficient air-cooled screw chillers from LG with applications in industrial processes as well as ice/thermal storage facilities are designed to operate under high ambient conditions and also have anticorrosive features keeping in mind their usage in conditions where chances of corrosion are high.
The robust and lightweight MXE torches are air-cooled and are suitable for lighter duty applications.