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equip with an apparatus for controlling the humidity and temperature

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"We are grateful to Verizon for recognizing and supporting this important opportunity," said Adam Markham, President of Clean Air-Cool Planet.
She was a founding board member of Clean Air-Cool Planet.
"Our partnership with NativeEnergy and Clean Air-Cool Planet allows us to offset our carbon emissions while simultaneously investing in sustainable economic development in American Indian communities."
Clean Air-Cool Planet helped launch the Connecticut Science Center Collaborative, which aims to bring the best science on climate change and its solutions to a network of more than 30 science museums and nature centers.
On the other hand, Mullen says that an air-cooled system does not require the customer to add a water chiller to an existing computer room's plumbing system, as would be required by a fairly simple water-cooled system.
Speaking about its new line of FM air-cooled dummy loads, Tom King, CEO & President, Kintronic Labs, said: "Kintronic Labs has been supplying top-quality products and services to the broadcast industry since 1951.
To improve efficiency and operability, MHPS then developed an air-cooled combustor with Tohoku Electric Power Co.
Under the agreement, the Ballard FCgen-1020 air-cooled fuel cell stacks will be used in powering the Class 3 lift trucks as well as support the design of a fuel cell electric propulsion system to power these lift trucks.
Akman going more into the details says that air-cooled chillers have a greater volume of sales than water-cooled chillers as a result of greater requirement for smaller capacity units.
For each plant location, we compared high-efficiency air-cooled screw and water-cooled centrifugal chillers, both with variable speed drives.
Most building design projects involve choosing between water-cooled and air-cooled HVAC systems.
The efficiency offered by PowerSmart Plus enables GatesAir's Maxiva ULXT liquid-cooled and UAXT air-cooled UHF DTV transmitters to operate with 20% greater efficiency than other competitive offerings.
Summary: DaikinEe's range of air-cooled VRV systems* including High Ambient models are now certified by Eurovent.