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The gas from the pesticide travelled through the central air-conditioning duct to the apartments of the victims.
Pre-Qualification: Pre bid meeting (mandatory): this work involves fabrication and erection of false ceiling in the working kendra ddk, bangalore where existing air-conditioning ducts are going to be replaced.
They can poison aqueducts or spread deadly substances in the air-conditioning ducts in public places, and Europe is not protected as is the US," Madrigali said in an interview with FNA.
The news site claims to have found wi-fi antennas, sewage pipes, air-conditioning ducts and "impressive staircases and balconies" on two of the barges.
Handpainted motifs on the walls, air-conditioning ducts that look like lattice windows, a parrot theme carried through the hotel, elevators with what look like old wooden creaking doors, a sense of space, sweeping space that makes you relax immediately.
Banks of elevators function like arteries, the furnace is a giant sweat gland, air-conditioning ducts are drawn-out branches of lung.
This allows room for someone to crawl under the foundation to install mechanical equipment such as electrical wiring and air-conditioning ducts, and give easy access to the equipment for repairs.
Other things you can do to keep cool air in and hot air out include sealing and insulating air-conditioning ducts (make sure any safety specifications or instructions printed on the ducts are still visible); caulking window and door frames; applying weather stripping; and patching holes in your drywall.
A chemical refrigerant circulates between the two heat exchangers, and through a series of processes takes heat energy from the inside air and dumps it outside, creating the cool breezes that come out of your air-conditioning ducts.
It can be used on interior and exterior walls, roofs, industrial ovens and other plant, air-conditioning ducts, boats and ships.
Foil-clad air-conditioning ducts are piled high on the overgrown plot where the main house stood.
In later years, for reasons best left unknown, the sunshades were removed, the roof openings were covered, massive air-conditioning ducts were added, and the windows were sealed.
Officials said the second engine on the left wing experienced a problem, with leaked oil vaporizing and apparently penetrating into the cabin through air-conditioning ducts.
Coating selection should also factor in the surface where it will be applied, such as walls or air-conditioning ducts.
Originally called "duck" tape because of its water-repellent characteristic, it became known as "duct" tape during the postwar construction boom when it was used by builders to seal ventilation or air-conditioning ducts.