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Air escaping from air-conditioning ducts or identification of inefficient heating and cooling transfer are also applications.
Other things you can do to keep cool air in and hot air out include sealing and insulating air-conditioning ducts (make sure any safety specifications or instructions printed on the ducts are still visible); caulking window and door frames; applying weather stripping; and patching holes in your drywall.
A chemical refrigerant circulates between the two heat exchangers, and through a series of processes takes heat energy from the inside air and dumps it outside, creating the cool breezes that come out of your air-conditioning ducts.
If corners are easily damaged and the tile flakes when cut, service life may be short in any humid area or where there are overhead pipes or air-conditioning ducts.
It can be used on interior and exterior walls, roofs, industrial ovens and other plant, air-conditioning ducts, boats and ships.
Foil-clad air-conditioning ducts are piled high on the overgrown plot where the main house stood.
In later years, for reasons best left unknown, the sunshades were removed, the roof openings were covered, massive air-conditioning ducts were added, and the windows were sealed.
Officials said the second engine on the left wing experienced a problem, with leaked oil vaporizing and apparently penetrating into the cabin through air-conditioning ducts.
Humid attics wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for leaky air-conditioning ducts.
Originally called "duck" tape because of its water-repellent characteristic, it became known as "duct" tape during the postwar construction boom when it was used by builders to seal ventilation or air-conditioning ducts.
Two public health examples are the original outbreak of Legionella pneumonia caused by biofilms on air-conditioning ducts and the outbreak of Pseudomonas infection caused by biofilms created during the production of albuterol; the latter resulted in approximately 100 deaths in the early 1990s.
With its high ceilings and exposed air-conditioning ducts and pipes, it kind of reminded me of an old chop suey house.
The first step in diagnosing a mold problem is to examine your heating and air-conditioning ducts.
We will eventually be including BNA technology in other products, including dental applications and heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) applications, including air-conditioning ducts.
MicroSent is now in the final stages of testing the MS 3000 seen here in prototype form, a unit designed to treat entire buildings by connecting to its own existing air-conditioning ducts.