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control the humidity and temperature of

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equip with an apparatus for controlling the humidity and temperature

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Task 2: Repair of air-conditioning equipment production TERMOSPEC.
for Textile, Chemical Fibre, Tobacco, Painting of Vehicle and others; and Fan, Clean Air-conditioning, FRP manufactures, and Petrolic Machinery, totally seven series.
The wholly owned subsidiaries to be merged are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Thermal Systems Corp.
One of the reasons they cited for the request was the absence of air-conditioning in their companies' buses that ferry them to Doha during weekends.
The municipal official further informed that 10% of the bus park will be modernized in 2012, and all new buses will have air-conditioning as well.
Operating your air-conditioning system for five minutes once or twice a month will help keep it in good condition.
In winter air-conditioning also helps drivers to de-mist their cars more quickly and efficiently by evaporating the moisture as well as carrying out its primary task of keeping the driver and passengers cool in the summer.
Operating your air-conditioning system for fiveminutes once or twice a month will help keep it in good condition.
On cool mornings, the building is "flushed" with outside air to rid accumulated heat before starting the air-conditioning system.
Two halls house a separate part of the exhibition -- 'Aircontec' -- of air-conditioning products.
Buses and trolley buses air conditioning equipment repair and revision, the following bidding options A) parts: bus air-conditioning systems in case of repair SE-track AC buses are air-conditioned and fitted review.
LANCASTER - Court operations at the 21-month-old, $109 million Antelope Valley Courthouse were disrupted again Thursday after a chiller went down, knocking out the building's air-conditioning system.
The main areas on which to focus are lighting and heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) - i.
Contract notice: replacement of 41 locomotive air-conditioning sets