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control the humidity and temperature of

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equip with an apparatus for controlling the humidity and temperature

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He takes us on a historical tour, looking at what urban life in the US was like before mechanical cooling came about, as well as the various guises of air-conditioning technology over the years--from ancient Persian wind towers to the large blocks of ice used to cool the air for audiences at Madison Square theatre in New York.
According to industry sources, following wide application in Europe, Northern America and Australia, this super energy saving product is set to enter the Middle East market for the first time - supplying 108 sets to high-end building projects thereby providing a premium eco-friendly air-conditioning solution to the region.
for Textile, Chemical Fibre, Tobacco, Painting of Vehicle and others; and Fan, Clean Air-conditioning, FRP manufactures, and Petrolic Machinery, totally seven series.
The thermal model of controlled temperature and humidity air conditioning system and air-conditioning equipment was built to discuss the influence of various types of equipment in the air conditioning cabinet on the temperature and humidity of air-conditioned zone.
The wholly owned subsidiaries to be merged are Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Air-Conditioning & Thermal Systems Corp.
Kiturami Bumyang Air-Conditioning of Korea was established by taking over Century Asan factory in 2003 and Bumyang Air- Conditioning in 2006 to obtain solid air conditioning technology that forms prominent pillars of domestic air conditioning industry.
As of yesterday one fifth of the 76 care homes inspected by the authorities so far had not put on their air-conditioning even though at least two of the 13 people admitted to hospital for heatstroke in the past week were residents in old people's homes.
One of the reasons they cited for the request was the absence of air-conditioning in their companies' buses that ferry them to Doha during weekends.
In 2001, Daikin set itself a definite target to become the "World's No.1 in Air-conditioning Company" and since then it has been steering that vision though diverse business landscapes for a decade to secure it in FY 2010-11.
The municipal official further informed that 10% of the bus park will be modernized in 2012, and all new buses will have air-conditioning as well.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 2, 2011-Carrier appoints G & L Beijer as Toshiba air-conditioning products distributor in 11 European countries(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS
infrastructure firm Data Power has invested pounds 75,000 to expand into air-conditioning.
As has been the case with many modern conveniences making their way to China, air-conditioning has become a way for upwardly mobile Chinese to let their friends and neighbors know their fortunes are on the rise.