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However, some people call the feeling they get after being in an air-conditioned room for too long 'air conditioning sickness' that cold, stuffy, weak feeling caused by remaining indoors under the influence of AC for a long period of time.
"I never dreamt we'd get the Pack Unit air-conditioned," he said at the settlement hearing.
Phase II includes the construction of about 50 smart air-conditioned shelters fitted with free internet service, as well as the Smart Caf for selling snacks and refreshments and several smart services.
The air feeder, cooling coil heater, and humidifier constituted the air-conditioned zone at constant temperature and humidity.
On the basis of the ways and means the final comfort conditions are achieved in the air-conditioned space, four categories of air-conditioning systems can be distinguished:
The reason for the individual, who was an administration manager with an American company to put the advertisement for air-conditioned buses, was the common sight of construction workers being transported across the country, mostly on buses without air-conditioning during the region's scorching summer months between May and September.
Kostov says the 30% of the trolleys have air-conditioning, adding that in 2012, 50 new trolleys will be purchased with funds from the EU operational program "Transport," and all will be air-conditioned, meaning all trolleys used in Sofia will have air-conditioning.
While there is no doubt that air-conditioned offices, shops and public buildings improve our living environment, is the associated energy consumption and potential damage caused by ozone depleting refrigerants too high a price to pay?
Richmond Ave., the six-building, 95-unit property is air-conditioned and offers tenants 100% on-site parking and a laundry room.
Originally developed in the temperate climate of Europe, the air-conditioned glass tower continues to be exported indiscriminately around the world.
In February, the parties announced they had come to a settlement agreement, which includes air-conditioning the Pack Unit permanently - pending legislative approval - and ensuring the more than 1,300 inmates who are part of the class-action lawsuit stay in air-conditioned prisons and jails throughout their incarceration.
This prompted a large shakeup of inmates, with the department opting to move more than 1,000 vulnerable prisoners into 11 different air-conditioned units instead of installing air conditioning at the Pack Unit.