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cooled by air conditioning

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Although all of the city's senior citizen centers were open Saturday to provide air-conditioned relief from the sweltering heat outside, city staff reported few seniors taking advantage of it.
of modern, air-conditioned office space; twenty-six dock-high doors with levelers, seals and trailer restraints; one 14' x 16' drive-in door; four 14' x 14' drive-in doors; one 8' x 10' drive-in door; and is rail served by R.
The market for CIP is sizeable, with over 50 million air-conditioned homes in the United States.
Administrators say air-conditioned classrooms boost students' energy and learning levels.
alone, there are over 50 million air-conditioned homes and many of these have multiple A/C units and that is just the home market.
I know things are going to go a lot better when kids can come into an air-conditioned room.
There are over 90 million air-conditioned cars, trucks, refrigerated trucks, containers and railroad cars operating today in the United States, representing 36% of the global market.
Lynn Roberts, project coordinator for the district, said the contracts will specify that classrooms be air-conditioned before September 15.