air wave

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a sound wave that is transmitted via air

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Due to a decrease in sales of Air Wave and Odyssey, new vehicle registrations in December experienced a year-on-year decline for the ninth consecutive month since April 2006.
Due to decreased sales of Air Wave and Step Wagon, it is the sixth consecutive month, since April 2006, for a decline in new vehicle registrations.
Based in Sayama City, Saitama Japan, the company sells Nitrogen and Air Reflow ovens and Spray Fluxers for VOC, Nitrogen and Air Wave Systems with built in Flat Linear Induction Pumps (Mr.
The JanSport Air Wave is designed with the Airlift suspension system for maximum comfort when carrying heavy loads - great for hauling a bunch of books across campus.
ALL eyes were on the skies over the North Coast at the weekend with more than 200,000 people turning out for the Air Waves Portrush show.
IESHIA, the fresh young female artist taking Oklahoma City by storm, is dominating the air waves across Urban, Rhythmic, and Top 40 charts in the Top 200 National Billboard.
A new style of a song with dance energy, hip hop and techno and lyrical presentation like no other in recent history with a pop flare and a fun theme has hit the air waves and the digital world.
Bemused by President Tayyip Erdogan's sudden absence from the air waves after his ruling AK Party lost its parliamentary majority two days ago, Turks have been sharing a ticking online clock marking his radio silence.
Cast member Win Clayton said: "We are presenting The 39 Steps as a radio play, so the set is a radio station and the cast act out the play as if they were delivering it over the air waves.
Considered to be close to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Kher has emerged as one of his most vocal supporters on the air waves.
The air waves have been full to bursting with all sorts of lay experts offering us their opinions on what to do with Luis Suarez: it is the soap opera aspect of the sports industry at full volume, and it creates lots of heat, but no light.
Not just that, they painted the town and the air waves in their colours to make the opening statement.
As the impact of Doctor Who on the nation and a brand new generation of TV creatives is weighed up, one contributor makes the point that getting banished from the air waves for 15 years was possibly the best thing that could have happened to it.
While a pioneering Philippine TV soap opera, My Husband's Lover, has been ruling it over the air waves because of the provocative theme of the show depicting a gay love story since it began airing on June 10, it just caught the attention of local bishops.
The scientists claim that man-made greenhouse gas emissions have trapped large air waves in the atmosphere and caused these recent weather events.