air wave

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a sound wave that is transmitted via air

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Due to a decrease in sales of Air Wave and Odyssey, new vehicle registrations in December experienced a year-on-year decline for the ninth consecutive month since April 2006.
Due to decreased sales of Air Wave and Step Wagon, it is the sixth consecutive month, since April 2006, for a decline in new vehicle registrations.
The Central Weather Bureau (CWB) predicts that as the current cold air wave is combined with another cold air mass that arrives from the north in the evening, central Taiwan and all areas north could dip down to 10 degrees tonight.
The paper quoted the former RAW officials as saying that Jadhav was caught because of his unprofessionalism as he used air wave communication means which were intercepted and got him traced.
He made a four-track tape, one of the songs of which was Brown Eyes and this really hit the air wave's big time with a DJ called Don Allen playing it on his radio show.
air wave Nick Glynne, of Easy Computers, with some of the air conditioning units his company is now supplying
M2 PRESSWIRE-August 23, 2019-: Sherman de Vries continues to rock the air waves with New Single
There is also a focus on how music stars are using the air waves to boost their art.
He said he had attended the Kenya versus Algeria match at the 30 June Stadium to give his home team support as animated Swahili banter dominated the air waves.
He continues that as a Christian organization that works with pastors across the country, they cannot remain silent when there are troubling statements on the air waves.
Kumi Richardson observed that radio talk shows and other discussions are laced with intemperate and foul languages and, therefore, appealed to management of the various radio stations in the region to ensure that their hosts moderate their programmes to ensure sanity on the air waves.