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If the 140-year old 2 ACH of were to be re-evaluated, what other sources might we look to for outdoor air ventilation rates?
The association of ultraclean air ventilation systems with increased rates of surgical site infections in an epidemiologic evaluation (9) has sparked a debate on the benefit of such systems to prevent surgical site infection in a range of settings for which it has been shown to be effective (8,21-23).
The authors reported that controlled human exposures to C[O.sub.2] between 2,000 ppm and 5,000 ppm, with outdoor air ventilation rates unchanged, had subtle adverse impacts on proofreading of text in some trials, but the brief report in conference proceedings provided limited details.
"With smoother air circulation and cooler work conditions made possible, the new air ventilation louvres are expected to play a key role in boosting performance levels.
Key words: automated air ventilation, demand control, building automation, energy-efficiency, heat transfer
Rooms are spacious with 9ft-high ceilings and extras include internal central vacuum and air ventilation systems.
The building's outdoor air ventilation rates are 30 percent higher than required, and the quality of the outside air brought into the building is monitored.
One minute after the ignition is turned off, the air intake mode switches to 'Outside Air Ventilation' and the blower mode switches to 'Face' to ensure the most efficient performance.
AirTest's self-calibrating CO2 sensors save energy in buildings by regulating outside air ventilation based on the actual number of people in a space, ensuring that only enough outside air is heated or cooled to meet the immediate needs of occupants.
The bespoke offices, which have been awarded a coveted Environmental Performance Asset Rating of A, feature ground-source heat exchangers, passive air ventilation and rainwater harvesting as some of the 'green' features.
This is the first study to examine an association between better air ventilation in infants' bedrooms and reduced SIDS risk.
A LITTLE bit of New York came to the centre of Liverpool last night when the Mersey Tunnel air ventilation shaft, at Mann Island, was used to project images of the two cities.
The apartments have central heating with a fresh air ventilation and heat recovery system to reduce fuel costs.
Haslam is currently building 205 homes with energy efficient features including solar panel heating and a cool air ventilation system, superior levels of insulation and integrated recycling facilities.
Wearer comfort is provided through the energy absorption unit in the heel and through the Air Ventilation System, which has been designed to enable free air flow throughout the boot.