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someone who travels by airplane

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Research Objectives Frost & Sullivan aims to measure consumer airline usage in order to: -- Segment and profile air traveler types -- Understand users' knowledge of frequent flyer programs and their satisfaction with current programs -- Explore airport accessibility and the main methods of transportation to and from airports -- Determine preferred check-in process and important factors contributing to preference -- Investigate customer perceptions of TSA screening processes as well as the factors that impact that perception -- Investigate factors that impact a flyer's layover experience
Nevertheless, the typical American air traveler is satisfied with the job the major airlines are doing.
For the world's air travelers, this means that the current risk of infection from being in an airplane is essentially zero.
Air travelers cheered as police boarded the plane to arrest him.
WASHINGTON, July 14 /PRNewswire/ -- David Stempler, President of the Air Travelers Association, today announced that it will now provide the Air Travelers Association RescueLine(TM) for members, with 24x7, telephone-based, emergency travel and medical assistance services.
Highlights of the findings include: More than 75% of air travelers said the NDC-based display would make it easier to compare flights and prices and understand the true cost of their flight, compared to how they shop and book travel online today.
Air travelers were getting specialized services on fee payment and the airports of the
This innovation is capable of leveraging digital place-based media technology while bringing in-flight entertainment and Internet access right to air travelers fingertips-without their ever having to reach overhead for their stowed tablet or other mobile device.
air travelers are angry about the new procedures or inclined to cut back on flying as a result.
The United States Air Travelers Association is endorsing Barack Obama for president of the United States.
Starting Tuesday, most air travelers who are citizens of Canada, Mexico or Bermuda or U.
At this point, there is anxiety out there among air travelers,'' said John Wolf, a spokesman for Marriott International Inc.
This is bad news for air travelers on two fronts: Obese air travelers cost airlines an extra $364 million in extra fuel costs in 2000, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine.
It is commonplace these days among air travelers to talk about the deterioration of service, the long lineups, the discomfort of long trips, and on and on.
Motorists were warned of slick roads and dangerous driving conditions today in Western Oregon, and air travelers were advised of possible flight delays and cancellations.