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someone who travels by airplane

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Air travelers from states that have not been granted an extension and are not yet compliant won't be able to board their flights unless they have an alternative form of acceptable ID.
"The evolutionary expandable groove designs deployed across SmartTray X1, X2, and X4 products facilitate maximum flexibility and convenience for air travelers ensuring superior ergonomics and enhanced end-to-end in-flight experience," said Nick Pajic, CEO of SmartTray International.
Besides missing out on a parking spot, or getting one only to incur exorbitant prices, one can also get stressed out and be a deal damper on an air travelers' spirit.
The average American flew 1.7 round trips, and the average air traveler took 4 trips.
For the world's air travelers, this means that the current risk of infection from being in an airplane is essentially zero.
Arriving and departing passengers totaled more than 455,000 in October, an increase of nearly 11% from October a year ago when 410,000 air travelers moved through ONT.
Monreal said that air travelers will be notified of the new terminal fees through publication on newspapers.
Alaska Airlines, which carries the most air travelers in Eugene, had a gain of 27,367 Eugene passengers, according to airport figures.
Air travelers were getting specialized services on fee payment and the airports of the
"We're delighted that all air travelers flying to the United States from Abu Dhabi will enjoy the benefits that US customs and immigration preclearance offers," Peter Baumgartner, Etihad Airways' chief commercial officer, said in statement.
Among those top cities with the highest percentage of domestic air travelers is Sarasota-Bradenton, Florida, where 15.9% of the metro area's 18+ population has flown three or more times on a domestic flight in the past year for leisure purposes.
The ruling applies to air travelers as well as travelers crossing the border in a train or vehicle.
Ordinary air travelers can also be exposed to significant doses of radiation during solar storms.
MORE AIR TRAVELERS. During the first half of 2013 3.8 million passengers transited through Tocumen, the main airport of Panama, reports (July 26, 2013).