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Last week, the foreign affairs chief said that he will 'reject' all official participation of the Philippines in climate change conferences if it would necessitate air travel.
In fact, what we have been asking for is cheaper air travel, which the industry has gladly supplied.
Pacific Luxury Air LLC has announced it has launched a new luxury jet offering with customized air travel, the company said.
This legislation sends a strong message to the airline industry that the barriers that people with disabilities face to safely access air travel must be addressed.
Chris Iwarah described the launch of the carrier's Lagos-Kaduna service as a 'significant milestone in our vision to unite our dear country, Nigeria through air travel and lift the nation's economy through trade facilitation and massive job creation.'
Annually Ugandans spent $430 million on air travel, he said, describing it as a "haemorrhage that must stop."
Its abolition from air travel, essential banking services and cement will enhance the market of these sectors, which will, in turn, help the government to collect more taxes besides achieving many socio-economic objectives.
The Serene Air will provide 15% discount to ICCI Office Bearers and Executive Members and 10% corporate discount to ICCI members and their families on domestic air travel through its flights, a press release said here on Tuesday.
United Spinal Association has published an Accessible Air Travel Guide for wheelchair users and other people with disabilities, designed to provide a hassle-free experience at the airport, the organization said.
Meanwhile, Labour's Lord Foulkes - honorary treasurer of Climate Parliament, who bring "legislators together to combat climate change" - ran up an PS11,951 bill for air travel between Edinburgh and London in 12 months.
Dubai: Demand for Middle East air travel continues to outgrow the global average despite a slow down in major regional economies Saudi Arabia and the UAE.
The number of international air passengers rose 3.6 per cent in November 2014 compared to a year ago, and international air travel volumes indicated a flattening growth trend in both economy and premium passenger numbers over the recent past.
Demand for cross-border air travel rose 5.4 per cent in November.
New York (AirGuide - Inside Air Travel) The latest aviation disaster off the coast of Indonesia serves as a reminder to Philippine authorities to be more vigilant on air travel risks.
Air travel is a form of travel in vehicles such as airplanes, helicopters, hot air balloons, blimps, gliders, hang gliding, parachuting, or anything else that can sustain flight.