air terminal

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a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight

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"The air terminal will have an annual capacity of 25 million passenger arrivals and departures in the first phase and in the final phases this will reach 100 million passengers," he said.
Primary Air: Treated supply air that enters the air terminal unit.
If the vessel is heeled, the mast tip and air terminal move over the side, and the protection cone moves with it.
(2008a) verified that the design used with two air terminal devices, installed in the classroom desk, guarantees a relatively uniform air velocity field around the manikin.
ASA will continue to manage the Mexico City air terminal until a new airport is constructed.
The air terminal building at Greater Sudbury Airport will undergo a $6.34-million expansion and renovation project with the intent to encourage economic development in Northern Ontario.
Then they were returned to the air terminal for a flight aboard a Canadian-chartered Boeing-747 aircraft for a trip to Guam and a debriefing period."
In the newest designs, the entire area under the floor becomes a pressurized air plenum, allowing installation of an air terminal literally anywhere in the raised-floor grid.
Memory of Kansai Air Terminal (AR November 1994), coinciding with concern for security and comfort, influenced design of the shed roofs.
The squadron's home station support involved logistics planning, air terminal operations, cargo preparation and inspection, ground transportation, passenger processing and aircraft loading.
Travel Business Review-May 17, 2019-National Council for Public-Private Partnerships has recognized Propeller Airports with award for innovative passenger air terminal
Speaking about the importance of the development in the aviation sector, President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov noted that there are modern air terminal complexes in all of Turkmen provinces.
New Delhi, June 14 ( ANI ): The Union Cabinet on Thursday approved the proposal of the Ministry of Defence for mutual exchange of 2.50 acres of land between the administration of the Union Territory of Chandigarh and Indian Air Force (IAF) under Ministry of Defence for expansion of the Civil Air Terminal at Chandigarh Airport.
To better predict the sound generated by air terminal units, the AHRI variable air volume terminals certification program now requires air terminal unit manufacturers to include end reflection in their cataloged discharge sound power levels.