air terminal

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a terminal that serves air travelers or air freight

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Primary Air: Treated supply air that enters the air terminal unit.
The full return stroke and restrike lightning currents flow through the air terminal and down conductor, and they must be sized to handle the lightning current without melting.
Personalized ventilation systems with only one air terminal device present the highest number of studies; nevertheless, recently, more than one air terminal device placed in the desk has been introduced.
As president of Lockheed Air Terminal, besides running the airport in Burbank, Simmons was responsible for Lockheed airline service operations around the world, Butler said.
In an interview with Reuters news agency, a spokesperson for the Mexico City airport said traffic at that air terminal for January-October of this year was down about 1.
Then they were returned to the air terminal for a flight aboard a Canadian-chartered Boeing-747 aircraft for a trip to Guam and a debriefing period.
25 Years Ago A new multi-million pound air terminal at Birmingham Airport was finally approved yesterday for one of two sites close to the National Exhibition Centre and Birmingham International railway station.
In the newest designs, the entire area under the floor becomes a pressurized air plenum, allowing installation of an air terminal literally anywhere in the raised-floor grid.
Memory of Kansai Air Terminal (AR November 1994), coinciding with concern for security and comfort, influenced design of the shed roofs.
The facility will be used to support iterative testing of various corona discharge air terminal configurations.
of Maruti Swift Dezire (AC) or equivalent Sedan Car or Higher Segment for Airport Director / office work with commercial registration for General Duty at Civil Air Terminal Bamrauli, Allahabad for a period of 02 years Document cost : INR 1120 EMD value : INR 17621 Document Purchase Start date : 09 Dec 2017 Document Purchase End date : 18 Dec 2017 Opening date : 26 Dec 2017 Period of contract : 02 years
JetBlue (NASDAQ:JBLU) has announced it has reached an agreement with multiple parties to move its operations at New York's LaGuardia Airport to the historic Marine Air Terminal, bringing JetBlue customers greater convenience and an improved ground experience while the Central Terminal undergoes reconstruction, the company said.
To better predict the sound generated by air terminal units, the AHRI variable air volume terminals certification program now requires air terminal unit manufacturers to include end reflection in their cataloged discharge sound power levels.
This situation has led the Ministry of Communications, Infrastructure and Housing to stop improvement works on the international air terminal.
There were Airmen from the 725th Air Mobility Squadron as well as Sailors and civilians from the Supply Department, the Fire Department, Air Operations, Port Operations, Security, MSC, and the air terminal contractor providing support for this mission.