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RTCASS will be installed at the remaining Marine Corps air stations in a phased approach, running through the fourth quarter of 2010.
As it attempted to land at the Naval Air Station (NAS), Lakehurst, N.J., the hydrogen-filled Hindenburg burst into flames.
The HH-65A Dolphin fleet comprises 84 operational aircraft located at 17 air stations throughout the United States.
Air stations with HH-60J helicopters are developing partnerships with their local Coast Guard Tactical Law Enforcement Teams and Maritime Safety and Security Teams to develop this capability.
additional air stations. By 1936, the Coast Guard had 6 air stations, 2
165 aircraft and 9 air stations. During that year, the unit responded to
Air stations receiving the award included NAS North Island, Calif.; NAS Point Mugu, Calif.; and NAS Whidbey Island, Wash.
NAS Atlanta, Ga., was selected as the 2000 winner of the Conway Trophy, presented annually to the best managed naval air station in the Commander Naval Air Reserve Force program.
It's not unusual to feel a sense of nostalgia after driving through the gates of the old air station, where a lone sign reading "U.S.