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a mechanical device using confined air to absorb the shock of motion

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"SmartSUSPENSION isolates vibrations much more effectively than standard air spring systems--up to 99 percent in fact," Stening said.
Richeson obtained a patent of air spring with a hydraulic pneumatic mechanism (Chen, 2012).
It is also covered by 12-month (100,000mile) parts only and six-month (12,000-mile) labor warranty for other air spring lift axle suspension components, such as valves, fasteners, bushings and components.--Reyco Granning, Mt.
In vertical direction, the structure which combines a PS air spring with a NS magnetic spring in parallel is mentioned.
(NYSE: NPO) has completed its acquisition of the Veyance North American air springs business from German tire maker Continental AG, the company said.
As discussed above, the air spring suspension has a number of advantages in real application.
Tees Valley Gym-nastics Club founders Robert Davies and Allison Thain, right, and young members using the new specialist air spring mats, below.
At the present time, air spring suspension control systems have found wide application in the world, because these systems allow for the improvement of dynamic interaction between a railway vehicle and the track (Suda et al., 2006; Pellegrini et al., 2006), the ride comfort and noise reduction.
Such were the concerns at Canton, OH-based Hendrickson Trailer Suspension Systems, an operating unit of Hendrickson International, a major supplier of air ride trailer suspension systems, as company engineers were seeking to streamline nut installation onto trailer air spring studs, while improving joint integrity.
United Eagle Airlines and Air Spring have also both applied for government approval, reports the BBC.
(NYSE: NPO) has entered into an agreement to acquire the Veyance North-American air spring business from German tire maker Continental AG, the company said.
A new line of palletizing lifts includes mechanical spring and air spring self-leveling models as well as electric hydraulic units for more exact positioning.
The pneumatic model has no electrical or control lines for operation; the air spring is raised to the desired height with shop air or by portable compressor, and lowered by bleeding air with a control valve.
First and second stage air spring building machines are manufactured by this company.