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the speed of an aircraft relative to the air in which it is flying

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Variation of the rivulet thickness with the air speed of 10 m/s is shown in Fig.
The data obtained during these tests proved that even with the highest Air Diffusion Performance Index (ADPI), locations exist where the air speed exceeds 40 fpm (0.
The flow patterns and air speed distributions in the single-person room are shown in Figures 4-6.
As shown in the results analysis section of this paper, PPD is dependent on clothing and activity levels, air speed and temperature.
The company says that the new Air Speed HC Versa has a reduced profile, which enables the unit to be placed in locations where space is a premium, adding that the unit is "the first to produce cushioning in three different widths: 24-inch-wide cushions from 32-inch rolls, and 18- and 12-inch-wide sizes.
Features include a touch pad and dial controller to adjust air speed and a lightweight, low-profile cage.
We monitored air speed and direction using simple frames fitted with monofilament line and cotton ribbons, and with helium-filled soap bubbles with neutral buoyancy.
The product features temperature sensor in the humidity probe standard, along with a minimum and maximum air speed feature and humidity measurements.
European air safety regulators have told world airlines to replace hundreds of air speed sensors of the type fitted to the doomed Airbus A330 plane.
US aviation safety investigators are looking into possible anomalies with air speed and altitude indicators on two Airbus A330 jets, officials said Thursday.
Air France has replaced the air speed sensors on its entire fleet of Airbus A330 and A340 planes following the crash.
The airline subsequently reported that it had noticed temporary loss of air speed data on previous Airbus flights due to ice collecting on the sensors and said it was speeding up a pre-planned replacement programme.
The adjustable multi-speed, direct-drive blower lets you control air speed to meet your requirements.