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a shaft for ventilation


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NimCor continues to provide air shafts, chucks and bowed rolls to both OEMs and converting customers throughout North American, Europe, South American and the Pacific Rim.
Only hospitals and skyscrapers with tremendous HVAC systems were capable of cleaning the interior of linen chutes and air shafts. The cost to clean a medium or small building was extremely prohibitive.
Each position has a liner unwind with brake and combining station, pneumatic lay-on roll, independent adjustments to vary spool width, stroke rate and end dwell, and can produce maximum 15" diameter x 10" wide spools on 3" cores secured on air shafts with inflate/deflate toggle.
K = 200 x [10.sup.-10] (for crooked or fallen-in air shafts)
Model 2100 also features a new integrated roll-handling system that automatically ejects finished rolls, loads new cores, inflates/deflates air shafts, and manipulates the chucks.
NimCor says its new Leaf air shafts provide the ideal support for thin wall cores of 1 1/2" or larger to keep cores from deforming during winding and are well suited for winding narrow slit rolls.
"Unique technologies such as WrinkleSTOP anti-wrinkle rolls, Fox TrimAway pneumatic trim removal systems and CORLOK air shafts and chucks are the bedrock of our business."
A method has been devised to clean the air shafts from the roof down, without having to enter all the apartments.