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a shaft for ventilation


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Heavy machines are removing the obstructions in the air shaft, and specialists are organizing air supply into the mine, Tuleyev said.
3) A hard-hat tour of Hoover Dam includes intriguing features such as this cylindrical air shaft near the top of the dam.
Tenders are invited for 1) thorough repair-maintenance of inside two units c type quarters 2) thorough repair/maintenance of nhs block 01/001 to 008 3) construction of coal transportation road from air shaft (near ocp) to tippler (near coal depot) 4) thorough repair maintenance work of nhs 07/55-62 of 8 units (d/s).
TV footage showed smoke billowing from an air shaft at the mine in the rugged mountains near Atarau on South Island.
Shift foreman Luis Urzua told rescue workers: "We attempted to get up through the air shaft but as it didn't have a ladder we aborted.
He was waiting to have another go at a minutelong scene in which he and Christi Ellen Harris, who plays ingenue Emily Davis, dove underwater, swam through an air shaft and emerged in another, drier part of what on screen appears to be a full-size, submerged ship.
Tenders are invited for Strengthening Work Around Air Shaft Of Sawang C Seam At Govindpur Project
An oversized outside air shaft will allow periodic purging of interior air from each individual floor.
During the war, Pentagon briefers treated the public to videotapes showing a smart bomb diving down the air shaft of a Baghdad building and told anecdotes about the extraordinary accuracy of Tomahawk missiles launched from afar.
Tenders are invited for Construction of air shaft, air drift and fan house at vijay west mine of chirimiri area.
The second, more powerful explosion about three-and-a-half hours later destroyed the main air shaft and all of the mine's above-ground structures.
Rolls are unwound from a removable air shaft supported at both ends by safety locking chucks.
After accepting information on basic requirements for simple mounting styles such as unwind or rewind, roll weight and web width, the system provides a carbon fiber or aluminum external element air shaft solution that can weigh as much as 50% less than the existing shaft.
The External Element GX Air Shaft, an ultra light, low-cost shaft design, is now available from Camas, WA-based Tidland.
Tidland Corporation invented the air shaft in 1948 and has continued to lead the industry ever since.