air shaft

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a shaft for ventilation


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The staff members climbed the air shaft to reach the top of the reservoir, which was later found being 10 meters deep and 120 meters long and shaped like a tunnel, he said, adding that it could store as much as 6,500 tons of water.
Heavy machines are removing the obstructions in the air shaft, and specialists are organizing air supply into the mine, Tuleyev said.
K = 200 x [10.sup.-10] (for crooked or fallen-in air shafts)
The air shaft was a cloud chamber of jilted beds and chairs.
References to Harlem in early Duke Ellington compositions - "Harlem Speaks" (1935), "Echoes of Harlem" (1936), and "Harlem Air Shaft" (1940) - often concern what Ellington heard in the community.
Shift foreman Luis Urzua told rescue workers: "We attempted to get up through the air shaft but as it didn't have a ladder we aborted."
The second, more powerful explosion about three-and-a-half hours later destroyed the main air shaft and all of the mine's above-ground structures.
An oversized outside air shaft will allow periodic purging of interior air from each individual floor.
Rolls are unwound from a removable air shaft supported at both ends by safety locking chucks.
The External Element GX Air Shaft, an ultra light, low-cost shaft design, is now available from Camas, WA-based Tidland.