air search radar

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a shipboard radar that searches for aircraft

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This allows the Mk2 to connect to the AN/SPS-67 short-range surface search radar, AN/SPS-48E air-search radar, AN/SPS-49A(V)l very-long-range air search radar, AN/SPQ-9B tracking and surface surveillance radar, AN/SPS-73 surface search system, AN/SLQ-32 electronic warfare system and AN/UPX-29 Identification Friend or Foe system.
Tuned to 190, 194 and 197 MHz, the jamming pattern covered the Imperial Japanese Navy Type 12 air search radars and Mark IV searchlight radars that were protecting the Japanese naval base at Soerabaja, Java.
More commonly, countermeasures to air search radars are found in tactics, such as terrain following or striking from unexpected quarters.
Berger joined the company in 1996 after 20 years of service with the US Navy, where he specialized in the maintenance and repair of electronic communication, data systems, and surface and air search radars.
Other systems could be CEC-enabled, such as Patriot missile batteries, long-range air search radars, radar aerostats and early-warning aircraft.
It may be less obvious that many conventional air search radars are now stealthier, thanks to changes in waveform.