air rifle

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a gun that propels a projectile by compressed air

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Ravi reached the Air Rifle final, shooting 627 in qualification to finish, second behind the experienced Sanjeev Rajput of Haryana, who topped qualification with a score of 627.
The Subsonic load, chosen because I thought it would provide similar performance to the air rifle pellets, penetrated 7.
MANY STATES ALLOW the use of air rifles for small and medium-sized game, so air rifle hunting may be in your future, if for no other reason than the challenge, satisfaction, and enjoyment that can be derived from it.
For the Men's 10m Air Rifle shooting competition, an unlimited number of sighter shots (shots to determine if the gun's sights are properly adjusted) can be fired, followed by 60 competition shots, fired in a time limit of 1 hour & 15 minutes.
Unfortunately, air rifle attacks are not as rare as we would like.
One wonders if they dumped the air rifle as they had hoped for a more heavy duty firearm.
A SHOCKED couple have warned against the dangers of air rifles after their cat was shot.
Flores took the Air Rifle Prone Open Division with 178 points and was the Overall Air Pistol champion, edging Joyce 159-157.
A MERSEYSIDE dad was spared jail after admitting possession of a stun gun and an illegal air rifle which were found by police on a drugs raid.
The fourth French medal was a bronze that came through Jennifer Olry's third place in the 10m air rifle for women.
CINCINNATI -- Officers' actions were justified in the fatal shooting of a man holding an air rifle inside an Ohio Wal-Mart store, a grand jury determined Wednesday -- using surveillance video the slain man's family said shows the shooting was completely unjustified.
Pistol team finishes 3rd & Ayonika falters in air rifle as shooters fail to make it big
AN AIR rifle has been stolen by burglars who came away with a haul of goods from a family home.
TWO teenagers were arrested after railway workers were shot at with an air rifle.
In addition to the walnut stock, which includes an adjustable butt pad, this top-of-the-range air rifle is regulated, has a 10 shot multi-shot magazine system, BSA's famous 'Bolas' bolt action along with a pressure gauge, and 200cc air bottle for increased shot count.