air reconnaissance

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reconnaissance either by visual observation from the air or through the use of airborne sensors

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"EUFOR immediately reinforced the area between the engagement and the displaced persons and refugee camps and sent ground and air reconnaissance elements to monitor the situation to ensure protection of the camps," states a EUFOR press release.
Compared to these planes, Canada's air reconnaissance is limited.
His previous tours include Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 133, Commander Naval Air Forces Navy Reserve Supply Unit 0189, USS Thorn (DD 988), Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron 1, and USS Bunker Hill (CG 52).
"They have relied too much on air reconnaissance so they don't really have a good picture of what's up here," he says.
Renee Hatcher, NAVAIR spokesperson, told JED that upgraded E-6B aircraft will be assigned to two operational squadrons: Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron THREE (VQ-3) and Fleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron FOUR (VQ-4), both based at Tinker AFB, OK.
The result had to be that convoys without air reconnaissance suffered greater losses.
High Cold War: Strategic Air Reconnaissance and the Electronic Intelligence War.
Kent is part of the squadron's ground crew that aids the U2 air reconnaissance program that flies missions over Iraq, snapping top secret photographs.
Their varied contributions include air reconnaissance, refueling, cargo, and close air support missions, special forces missions, specialized nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons units, mine clearing and medical units, and naval patrols.
The Australian news reports said Singapore penetrated a defense signals base in Queensland and conducted secret air reconnaissance in Western Australia.
The morning of August 22, air reconnaissance confirmed that "Andrew is now a hurricane." Winds were 75 miles per hour, barometric pressure was 29.35 inches, and the storm was 800 miles east of Miami, Florida.
The Air Force is preparing to release a tactical air reconnaissance road map soon that will not only identify what platform will be used to replace its venerable RF-4s but also will delineate what electronic systems will be used to furnish valuable intelligence and tactical information.
"Meantime, thick smoke spiraling from fire set by the ISIL near Raqqa has reduced visibility for air reconnaissance missions over ISIL's base," they added.