air raid

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an attack by armed planes on a surface target


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In Marib, 2 civilians were killed in an air raid on Serwah district, while in Jawf, Saudi aircraft waged four airstrikes on Kub Al-Shaghaf district.
PC William Henry Leedham - killed evacuating area of a delayed action bomb in an enemy air raid, aged 36, on October 12, 1940.
We opened the air raid shelter to celebrate the original opening of the Grainger Market this week in 1835 and it was a real success.
Just one of the selection of fantastic photographs that Frank shared with us was of him and his father sitting in an air raid shelter in Handsworth in 1938, which he recalls was damp.
Well, having spent many nights as a young lad in the Anderson air raid shelter that used to be at the bottom of our garden in Thesiger Street, Cathays, I can say that it certainly brought back many memories of my mother, sister Valerie and me spending many nights in our own dank, damp and dark refuge all those years ago.
The ruins after a German air raid on Middlesbrough's Co-op Society's premises is also pictured in August, 1942.
In addition to that, two young men in their twenties were slain in separate air raids on southern Gaza.
The seller apparently worked in the video game department of a drug store in the 80's and was given a copy of Air Raid to sell by a visiting rep.
The agency said the air raid resulted in six militant deaths, representing different nationalities.
GAZA, December 7, 2011 (WAFA) -- A Palestinian man was killed and five others injured in an Israeli air raid and artillery fire east of Shajaiyya neighborhood in Gaza City, said medical sources.
The Turkish warplanes have been carrying air raids against Kurdistan's border areas, under justification of chasing elements of the anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), forcing large numbers of citizens of those areas to desert their home villages, including an air raid that killed 7 of them in a village north of Kurdistan's Sulaimaniya city on Sunday.
ON MAY 3, 1941, six members of my family were killed in an air raid shelter in Holy Cross School, in Addison Street, Liverpool 3.
But the International Security Assistance Force (ISAF) denied conducting an air raid in the area.
REPORTS of local air raid alerts, bombings and crashing airplanes from World War II will be brought to life through Twitter.
Pakistan, Sept 2 (ANI): At least six civilians, including women and children, have been killed in a military air raid in Pakistan.