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a pump that moves air in or out of something

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Can I interest you in one of our air pumps today, madam?
For Chromalloy, the search could not have come at a better time for in June 2013 Wilden had launched its innovative 'Pro-Flo SHIFT' Air Distribution System (ADS) in Europe through companies like Holland Air Pumps in the Netherlands and AxFlow GB Limited in the UK.
After a spate of loss of control accidents in the 1980s blamed, at least in part, on inflight, in-clag failures of air pumps, a lot of attention was paid to that accessory and much effort went into improving their reliability.
Maxol's major Irish competitors Esso, Shell and Statoil do not charge customers for using air pumps.
The company has worked with numerous customers to design a series of air pumps for use in cool air diffusers -- staple items in the aromatherapy industry.
Also, many air pumps do not work correctly in this type of application.
Product Overview II-5 Types of Pumps II-5 Air Pumps II-5 Cryogenic Pumps II-5 Liquid Pumps II-5 Peristaltic Pump II-5 Variable Flow Peristaltic Pumps II-6 Piston Pumps II-6 Diaphragm Pump II-6 Vacuum Pumps II-7 Gear Pumps II-7 Hydraulic Pumps II-7 Centrifugal Pumps II-7 Metering Pumps II-8 Rotary Vane Pumps II-8 Determinants in Selecting a Pump II-8 Pressure Rating II-8 Pump Size II-8 Speed of a Pump II-8 Rate of Fluid Flow II-8 Efficiency II-8 Effect of Chemicals II-9 Size and Weight II-9 Environment II-9 Pumps: A Right Choice II-9 Materials of Construction and their Chemical Compatibility II-10
Contract notice: 16-199/2014 Oil and grease pumps, gear sets, valves, grease slingers and grease air pumps, for Mines REK Bitola.
According to Carse, a survey conducted by Ford shows that 60% of drivers will ignore tire deflation alarms, and research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows: about 10% of gas station air pumps don't work, less than 50% are equipped with pressure gauges, and 30% overstate tire pressure.
The private placement proceeds received by the Company will be used for the completion of testing and building of additional Rand Cam(TM) air pumps for several fuel cell applications and for the testing of the air compressor, for air conditioning units, for bus applications, accounts payable and for general working capital.
Select Comfort (NASDAQ:SCSS) is a "sleep technology" company, if you will, as they feature adjustable firmness using low-noise air pumps in their mattresses.
Paul LaMarche, the Company's engineer for the Air Pump, reported today that the Rand Cam Air Pumps were installed on the American Component test stand and checked for continuous air pressure and volumetric outputs in comparison to the Mexican-built air pumps used for the Lumbar seat support systems.
The highly simplified and miniaturized design eliminates the need for air pumps, heat exchangers and other complex devices that previous fuel cells required and which made them unsuitable for use in today's small, portable electronic products.
Current technology relies on external systems such as air pumps or air diverted from the engine compressor to purge the nozzle, resulting in a more complex, more expensive and heavier overall combustion system.
Coltec Automotive manufactures mechanical and electrical air pumps and oil pumps at a plant in Sallisaw, Oklahoma.