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a pump that moves air in or out of something

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The Command said in a statement today that "the intelligence department in coordination with the detachment of the office of the Police Chief of Basra province and after a follow-up period of more than a month according to intelligence and an ambush arrested an accused and seized a large amount of narcotic pills hidden inside air pumps coming from Kirkuk province .
"Can I interest you in one of our air pumps today, madam?" smiles the shop assistant.
Holland Air Pumps has opened the eyes of prospective customers by informing them that a chemical processing plant that installed a 2-inch Pro-Flo SHIFT pump, which operates 12 hours a day, six days a week, will have annual operating savings of around 48,000 [euro] (33,000 [pounds sterling]), which can equal return on investment of six to eight months.
Dry air pumps debuted in the 1960s and effectively put wet pumps out of business.
Maxol's major Irish competitors Esso, Shell and Statoil do not charge customers for using air pumps.
In the end, both "characters" appear to be snoozing peacefully on a large comforter, probably dreaming of uneven roads and air pumps. An homage to the utopian charms of capitalism, the photographs take commodity fetishism to new heights, showing the seductive power of fresh purchases.
Miniature air pumps used in cool air diffusers need to be reliable, quiet, and cost efficient.
The company's mission, which is to provide an inexpensive quality product, is a driving force behind Bailey's decision to use extensively tested air pumps and other components.
Air pumps such as those devised by Guericke and Hooke (see 1645 and 1657) did not produce very good vacuums.
"The real problem isn't monitoring tire pressure," says Merv Carse, president and COO of Cycloid, "it's maintaining the proper pressure within the tire." According to Carse, a survey conducted by Ford shows that 60% of drivers will ignore tire deflation alarms, and research from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows: about 10% of gas station air pumps don't work, less than 50% are equipped with pressure gauges, and 30% overstate tire pressure.
Hudson, MA, May 15, 2013 --( Clark Solutions introduces the Model 8018GT Miniature Diaphragm Air Pump. Featuring chemically resistant wetted components including FKM seals, valves, and diaphragms and POM pump bodies, these pumps are ideal for use in medical equipment, automated chemistry systems, or environmental sampling equipment.