air pump

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a pump that moves air in or out of something

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"Can I interest you in one of our air pumps today, madam?" smiles the shop assistant.
If you have use a dry air pump, proper maintenance of the vacuum system is essential, including regular hose and filter replacement.
With enough hose, you can locate the manual air pump at the back of the house.
Air is injected through a tube that connects the air pump to the cylinder.
These guides supported tape on a film of air supplied by tiny air holes in the smooth surface and connected to a small air pump. The tape's bottom edge was registered against a guide edge, usually ceramic (Figure 2).
Designed for grocers wishing to add to their fresh seafood offering, the holding system is comprised of an insulated tote and connecting "Life Support Cart," which includes a water pump, air pump, biomechanical filter and temperature control unit.
Air Pump Sand & Gravel also pumped 800 tons of material into abandoned pedestrian tunnels in Los Angeles under the 110 freeway near Dodger Stadium.
What you get: Suitable from three months, seat pad, footmuff, quick release lockable swivel front wheels, air pump, raincover and wheel covers.
IHP/ITW Holographic and Specialty Products, Wavefront, Hazen Paper, Inland Container combined efforts to produce an overprinted holographic laminated box used to launch a novel high-end basketball with an integrated 'air pump' feature.
The VacuMaster Pump consists of a 1 HP TEFC motor, 20 CFM oil protected vane air pump, stainless steel transfer cell, timer control panel, and a 24v safety control.
A miniature air pump designed and marketed by Rena OEM Sales in Charlotte, N.C., quietly delivers the essences to the nostrils of patients.
Sixteen heavy horses will pit their strength against the laws of nature in a re-enactment of a 17th-century experiment by the inventor of the air pump.
The "AAA" Micro Air Pump is this company's smallest pump to date.