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a local region of low pressure or descending air that causes a plane to lose height suddenly

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Anderson and his colleagues traced the ozone-laden air pockets back 10 to 15 days in most casesright back to fires in either Southeast Asia, about 2,000 miles away, or tropical Africa, over 8,000 miles away.
Examine the thermal properties of coil meshes with air pockets, identify the direction of their applications to
Air pockets can prevent coolant circulation, increasing engine temperature.
Never let the water level drop below the water level of the tree because in a matter of hours air pockets will block the capillaries in the branches and the tree will stop drinking.
There are numerous little tunnels and old workings which all potentially have air pockets in.
The inflatable ball is dotted with air pockets, one is filled with sand so you never know which way the ball is going to go.
Materials are filled through the tip of the syringe allowing the syringes to be filled with pre-inserted plungers, which increases accuracy of fill by eliminating air pockets and material stringing.
Ram a broom handle up and down to remove any air pockets.
Other dodgy parcels included glass ornaments with air pockets stuffed with cocaine.
Because the method relies on a superthin, flexible tube to catch faint chemical signatures in air pockets near a corpse, it could be used to detect bodies buried in hard-to-reach areas, such as under concrete slabs.
The carbon powder can become very thick when mixed, making it difficult to manipulate and creating air pockets within the mould.
The company reports that the product can also be used as a void filler to fill spaces such as bubbles, air pockets, missing teeth and undercuts for better fitting appliances and bleaching trays.
Air pockets have posed challenges to aviators and the aviation industry all through the history of flying but climate change could pose new challenges, say experts.
Inconsistencies in bale uniformity such as wet spots, air pockets or foreign objects are detected and alerted in real-time.
In addition to the downdrafts, air pockets that can pull a plane suddenly downward, causing turbulence, the NTSB said that high-density altitude and mountainous terrain contributed to the accident.