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Chris, who specializes in Architectural Interiors, randomly purchased a Tillandsia Ionantha Fuego, a colorful and little type of air plant, and brought it to the office.
"There's a craze with houseplants at the moment, and the thing about air plants is that they don't take up much space, there's no mess or soil-borne fungus or gnats.
Air plantsTillandsia is the most common air plant and is prized for its appearance and ability to change its colour throughout the year in response to biological stimuli.
FLOW CHART Trailing air plants such as Spanish moss can be hung up, while smaller varieties like tillandsia ionantha can be placed on shelves and desks.
"People started asking me about air plants, so I did some research and found a place where I could get some," Peeters said.
Known as air plants, these absorb all their nutrients and water directly through their leaves.
As floor space is usually limited consider hanging displays and especially air plants that are content to grow on a log or a piece of bark or grow epiphytic bromeliads in decorative open-weave baskets lined with Spanish moss.
Some houseplants, like air plants and tillandsias, absorb what they need from the air.
EN Engineering has been conducting facility assessments during the past two years at natural gas compressor stations, LNG plants, propane air plants and measurement and regulating facilities.
The most popular cultivated orchids are epiphytes, or air plants, which most often grow on trees or the surfaces of rocks.
It is unusual to find a live oak that does not have many epiphytes or air plants living on it, especially resurrection fern or spanish moss, that lacy, romantic symbol of the South Spanish moss is an epiphyte, or tropical air plant, that requires another plant for mechanical support but not nutrients because it has its own system for producing food.
But it is the various varieties of air plants found around the pool needing no soil to survive that offer the most intriguing sights.
The huge broad-leaf trees in front of you have air plants and climbing vines that twine in and around the tree branches and trunks.
The sale will include houseplants, large landscapes, annuals, perrenials, shared perennials, flowers, shade-friendly hosta varieties, vegetable plants, heirloom tomato plants and a diverse selection of herbs, air plants and succulents.