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But it is the various varieties of air plants found around the pool needing no soil to survive that offer the most intriguing sights.
AIR plants are amazing - they have no roots and take everything they need to survive via clever foliage.
"In my experience, there are many out there, but the Vanda orchid is my favorite air plant," admits Mary.
The Clean Air Plant (CAP[TM]) uses a unique biological process to remove fuels, heavy metals, solvents, smoke, toxic fumes, and gases from the air, including carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides ([NO.sub.x]), and ozone.
Years ago I had a cute little air plant mounted to a magnet displayed on my refrigerator.
A true air plant, or epiphyte, it derives its sustenance from the wind and rain.
THIRSTY WORK an air plant's leaves start to curl and wilt, it is a sure sign it needs more water.